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This is what I was yelling at the TV. It is NOT golf !!!! I would have fought that claim tooth and nail. Then I would have told thecow to mind her own business. As other have said, Lori should be on a show called the re-tred break. I'm sorry she had her chance. This show is about getting in the door, not back in the door after you locked yourself out.
My bad, she needed something to get on common ground with hot, young chicks and Christina gave it to her ;)
Lori is using one of the oldest tricks in the book when you are thrown in with a bunch of strangers. You find a common ground and use it as crutch to build a bond with that person or persons. Christina said "choke" and most of the chicks heard it. Lori is now using that as her ONLY common denominator with the other chicks. She is going so overboard it will soon bite her in the a**. BTW, what the hell is "stinkeye" I didn't think much of Christina after the...
I agree with your statement in regards to OFFSET woods. If the club is draw bias weighted it is not near as big of issue. I talked about this with my instructor and told me he sees a lot of draw bias drivers on tour. He should know he played at the PGA last year.
+1 here $199 + 10% off for demo day. I went to a demo day and bought two , a draw and neutral. We taped them up and the pro told me to bring back the one I don't like. It was windy and I was getting tired of hitting balls so I was thankful for the chance to continue my demo at a later date.
Good points again. I went at lunch and hit some clubs. MP-57 and X-20 tours. I liked them both but need to get to a range with them before I do anything. If I take your advice I think the only thing I would do different is get the X-20 tours with rifle shafts. That way I keep the forgiving head design but lose the offset. It would be like a half step up, or well a baby step. I'm planning on keeping my X-20s either way. I rarely trade in equipment. I prefer to...
I thought about that but I still want to lose the offset in the clubs. I'm looking to move away from a game improvement iron to more of a players iron.
I bought some x-20 last year. Great irons. They have helped me regain confidence and improves from a low 20 to a ~15 handicapper. They are stiff flex graphite shafts and with the offset I get a higher than I like ball flight. I'm also looking for more feedback on off center hits so I can improve in that area. I know I may struggle at first but I'm looking to improve in the long run !! I bought an Srixon i-506 6 iron for 5 bucks to just try out a forged...
I'm staying at Shingle Creek, I need to check and see how much the green fees are for guests. Thanks for the help.
I'm heading to Orlando in early Oct. Going to play a little golf between work stuff. Seems to be a ton of courses. Here are a couple I'm thinking about playing Mystic Dunes Celebration Champions Gate, both courses Any input or suggestions are welcome. One last question, how are the Disney Courses and whick one should I play. thanks in advance.
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