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This video might help you:  http://youtu.be/mWf1AGqn3PU
If I was you, just focus on making solid ball contact first, here's a video on finding your swing plane:  http://youtu.be/euAdy8CHWg4
This might help  http://youtu.be/xDJ7FsuGHZA
Here's a video:  
Here's my home course - http://youtu.be/gOFhJknXNjs  Roddy Ranch in Antioch...really fun track...not to expensive!
  - Roddy Ranch Golf Club, Antioch, CA
How did you think the pro did with mechanics?  Did they make sense?
You're in the business to teach golf and make a profit so turning away business from people who can make payments doesn't make sense
iacas...seems kind of cold hearted to say "you have better things to do" than chase people for payment plans.  What do you have to do that's better than growing the game and still generating revenue?  I'd rather have a quick nickel than a slow dime.
New Posts  All Forums: