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Here's one: workability.
It always puzzled me... didn't Earl always use to jingle change in his pocket and hoot and holler while Tiger was trying to hit a shot? I'm not saying it's right, but a camera shutter shouldn't be that much different.
Kekoa, not to h/j your thread, but are you the same Kekoa as the one on S2ki? Don't really know of any good swing coaches in the OC, btw. The best swing coach for the money is a video camera with slo-mo play back, IMO. :)
3Jack, Wow... thanks for the in depth play by play. I apologize for the film quality - I'm using consumer grade equipment, so we don't exactly have the Phantom v5 at my disposal, so... Allow me to address a few of your comments. First and foremost, your comments are unbiased and objective to a T. All the things you point out I see in my own swing. Setup - I've tried many spine angles in the past. What you see in the video has worked best for me. It's been pointed out...
Thanks for all the comments. I've taken you guys up on posting the video on swingacademy so you can see the swing in slowmo. here's the link: http://www.swingacademy.com/SwingAna...ol.aspx?id=482 Not sure why, but swingacademy's video of me has some crazy timing/rhythm problems so refer back to the youtube video for my real swing rhythm. (how many forum junkies can spell "rhythm" correctly??) Ganja - my driver usually carries about 250-260 with a clubhead speed of 108...
That's a great question. I want to know something about fairway pitching/chipping - I see this all the time with the pros where it looks like they bladed their shot, but it ends up biting like a rabid dog on the green and spins back towards the pin. I've pulled it off a couple times, but I have no idea how I did it. Answers? (sorry if I've just HJ'd your thread...)
Hello everyone, I've become a frequent visitor to the site, but I haven't posted a video yet. I finally got around to it, so here's my driver swing from 2 days ago. Please lemme know what you guys think. Thanks!
Ringer, Wow... I've never seen an instructional video I didn't think was gimmicky and trivial, but this video has proven to be insightful. You've obviously done a TON of analysis on how the hips really move in the golf swing and really cleared up the topic as opposed to muddying it some more. I've been trying darn hard to figure this out, but instructors always tell me that I look like I'm lunging at the ball. In reality, I'm only clearing the left side without altering...
you guys ever heard of Miura Golf?
only one word comes to mind: Solid.
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