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 Ditto - it's just that there's not much movement except for walking and the 2 seconds it takes to swing. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, track, etc. generally have constant movement (maybe not so much in baseball). Running, jumping, etc. Golf has none of these things. Suffice to say, though, nutrition and fitness are required to excel at professional golf these days. It's just a different kind of sport.
1/6 of the nearly 7 million residents of the state of Arizona receive "food stamps." Almost twice as many as in 2006. 1/5 of the population is on Medicaid, up over 200k from last year.
 Not quite sure what your definitions are. I've been in some  more grueling rounds of golf with much more competition than some pickup basketball games.
Feherty tows the line between irreverence and decorum very well. A truly entertaining broadcaster. You can feel his love for the sport in every round he covers, whether or not his one-liners succeed. I enjoy his style very much.
General financial education is missing from most high schools and colleges. Even middle schools. I scored a 4 on the Calculus AP exam in HS but didn't know the first thing about basic financial education. It should be a required course, even a year-long one with some history of finance mixed in - how markets work, how the rich invest, tax structures, etc.  
Holy crap I love you! I spent an hour about a month ago in my office mapping a course like this using Google Earth, a legal pad, and a ruler. I got through about 5 holes. What a great tool!
This is measured in feet?
My lob wedge is my favorite club, so I would probably use it for most of these shots. I hit it 1/4 about 30 yards, 1/2 about 50, 3/4 about 75. Depending on the green, however, I would use a SW for tweener yardages (40 and 60) - if there's a back pin location and a flat green, I may opt for the SW, which spins less for me. If I'm from 20 or 30 and it's a long green with a back pin, I'm usually pulling AW or PW.   I have a tough time with short pitches out of deep rough...
I asked this exact question about a month ago (I live in AZ - it's around 110 and humid by 2PM here now). Here's what I've done to combat it-   I switched to using a glove. My problem was that I never did. My sweaty hands lost control of my gap wedge during a tournament and flung it in a lake after hitting a shot. Decided I needed to change. Found using a glove helpful.   Carry a few at all times. Good move.   I wear a wristband. Seems to help. Maybe that's mental,...
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