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To everyone that voted that golf is not cool:                  
I'm no pro, and a poor grip can cause major problems, but I've always heard that a proper grip ensures that when most people go from setup to impact position, the face stays square and doesn't OPEN. Without seeing it, I would imagine that your grip now is either excessively weak or too much in the palms. I find that a very weak grip with a square clubface at address opens up when you get to impact. This may also be poor advice, but it seems logical to me to establish your...
What's up with biathalon? Skeet shooting and cross-country skiing? What drunk Nordic dude thought that one up???
Thanks for the response. I know what you mean about the hip sway, and I'm working on that, but I think that the reverse-pivot, spine-angle-bend-thing I do isn't related to it. In fact, I'm finding when I look at video, when my hip sway is least, my upper body position actually gets worse at A4 because the reason I sway is to look for power by loading up on my rear leg. When my lateral movement is at a minimum, my body "thinks" there's no power so it exaggerates the motion...
    My first posts after evolvr analysis #1. My reviewer suggested that I narrow my stance considerably and work on eliminating my lateral hip rotation in the backswing. He suggested a drill of putting a kickball (I used a basketball) between my left hip and the wall while taking slow backswings to avoid swaying - else the ball would drop. Looking at these I think I'm still a tad too wide and still have some lateral hip sway, but not as much. Any thoughts?   I also...
Just submitted my 2nd group of videos in 9 days. I agree that I'll probably be doing the full 4 a month at first and then go down to twice a month likely.
You sliced a ball into an expensive window? Of course that wasn't the right thing. Put it into the fairway next time.
Wow, they never gave me the second part. Now I can baffle my nieces even more. Thanks!   Maybe I'll even write "affect" and ask them to find the spelling mistake
Former English teacher puzzle for you...   -John where James had had had had had had had-   Make the preceding string of words a correct English sentence using punctuation.
 How do you prove someone was intentionally throwing at a person's head? Sometimes people get beaned and the pitcher is trying to throw a fastball on the outside corner. Trust me, I know. If you try to bean someone in the back and it misses by a foot, it's a shot in the head. If a pitcher killed someone with a bean ball to the head and he, in a court of law, admitted he was intentionally throwing at the head with the intent to hurt someone, yes, that's manslaughter. No...
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