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WTF is it with that grunting thing???? Did someone prove that grunting gives you an edge somehow, somewhere? I honestly can't watch it for that reason either.
^^^^^ I think it's because the discussion is between distance vs. accuracy. I think everyone would agree that if you could hit it 20 yards longer with identical accuracy you're in the best of both worlds.
 I think my New Year's Resolution after getting a bit more consistent with some fundamental swing mechanics is to learn ball flight laws better. I've read your other threads here, and I think the start line/target line thing hasn't really gone from the classroom to the course, if you know what I mean. I think when I say my face is slightly open that might not be terrible because the start line is usually supposed to be out a bit and not perfectly straight, no? Anyway, thanks.
 I had a lesson a while back from a guy who was completely adamant that your club face must be perfectly perpendicular to your target line if you want to hit a straight shot. While this makes sense, is this that important? Your answer to "club face alignment" seems to indicate there may be room for deviation. I understand that a club face wide open or closed is stupid unless you are trying for a fade or draw, but I tend to let the face open a tad unconsciously.
You may have a different feel than me, but one of my major issues is not turning my hips enough. I can say for me that turning 45 degrees feels like I'm turning 135 degrees! The guys here preach that turning your hips too much is a very uncommon problem, and lack of hip turn is more prevalent. I totally agree, and didn't really notice how little I turn until I filmed it. I now practice in  my garage turning until it feels like my core muscles are about to explode. Long...
I used to look for instances when Notah did broadcasts and Tiger was playing that showed favoritism or even the opposite and I found him to be very professional and neutral. If one didn't know they were buds all the way back to Stanford, I don't you'd think there was any special treatment of Tiger from Notah as a broadcaster. There's lots of TV announcers I can think of who are far more biased for or against a team they played for.
Interesting question - I've always thought, and heard, that hockey players tend to have a physical advantage because they need to be pretty good athletes in the first place, and the mechanics of a slap shot are similar to that of a golf swing. Many pro hockey players retire and become stud golfers quickly. Mentally, I'm going with tennis. You need patience to grind it out as an individual over several hours, strategy, and touch on drop and lob shots. I've only competed in...
 I believe you. I was just being tongue in cheek  I don't think he's been in a decent movie since Goodfellas, though. How could you turn down a major Scorcese pic with Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen, Mark Wahlberg etc. to star in a crappy Tarantino ripoff (Smokin' Aces)? Maybe he didn't want to be known as the actor who made it playing only in mob movies????!!!??!? Poor guy's working in tequila commercials now...
Are you serious about Ray Liotta? What other commitments could he possibly have? Doing his tequila commercials or being the bad guy in Wild Hogs? I'm glad Leo got the role, though.
If it's any consolation, I started the thread and two years later, going down the tube for me is not what it was then, or what it seems like you're experiencing now. I think what's difficult to realize is that your swing on the awful shots is probably not much different from what happened for the first 30 shots, but the awful ball flight makes it seem like your coordination went missing on you. That's the puzzling part. I would recommend spending time working on one...
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