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I agree with this, but I don't see Hillary making a change here. Bernie Sanders would be my Dem vote.
Gentlemen's disagreement here... He's been talking about running for office for years. He was disillusioned with Bush and hated Obama (obviously!). I think he believes what he says, whether it's elitist tripe or whatever. I find it refreshing. I can't tell what Hillary really believes and half of the GOP announcements are vanilla stooges in my opinion. Her biggest campaign contributors are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and other big financial institutions that are...
I don't disagree there.
Kudos to Eldrick for recovering from that debacle with 3 birdies. Curious to see the rest of the tournament.
I disagree that this is totally for himself. Anyone who would want to run for President of the U.S. as an ego trip is a wacko. He could happily go along with his billions, gorgeous wife, successful family, making/buying golf courses, buying/selling real estate, and be happy as a clam. Now every word that comes out of his mouth is under a microscope. I think Trump truly believes his version of America is failing and he thinks he has the confidence and power to make a change.
I'm going on the record as well. WhenĀ a source more credible than the National Enquirer reports it, I'll change my mind. I thought only 85 year-old women with Alzheimer's read that thing when they were at the checkout line at Safeway?????
I used to despise Maher, but he's growing on me a bit :) I really think through all of the cranky bluster, his heart's in the right place. I honestly hope he doesn't pay up, though. The last thing the U.S. court system needs is a million dollar lawsuit that will take years to finish because some comedian cracked a thoughtless joke.
I watched a pretty funny Youtube clip of a series of exchanges between him and Bill Maher yesterday. Bill Maher made a claim on Leno that he would give $5 million to Trump if he could prove definitively that his parents weren't orangutans (sp???). He was making fun of his orange hair color. Trump actually sent a copy of his birth certificate to Maher and asked him to pay up. When Maher didn't respond, Trump sued him. Maher brought a copy of the official complaint on to his...
I'm making a point of doing this from now on with every club shorter than a 5 iron. I'm realizing after my first tournament this past week that ego is a problem for me. I feel like I need to pull out my home run swing on every shot and it ruins me as the round progresses. Who cares if my opponent is hitting 7 iron to a 165 pin and I pull out a 6 iron? Monday morning I hit the range after the Sunday debacle and spent a lot of time hitting slow half-swings and thought to...
I'd kill for a round of golf in Southern Alaska this weekend. If they have a course up there.
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