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 I don't agree that 1/2 swings, or even 3/4 swings, have the same mechanics of full swings. That's one aspect of Dave Pelz, the short game "guru", that I still agree with. I don't coil my body much at all, like he says you shouldn't. Only when I am hitting my wedges to their max distances do I swing like I would with a 7-iron, for instance. I also think that people tend to think of short game and long game, and length vs. accuracy in general, as mutually exclusive, when...
My wife dragged me to "Lucy" with Scarlett Johannson this weekend. Decent, head-trippy sci-fi. A par? Watching Scarlett Johannson kick people's ass just by staring at them was easy on the eyes, though.
I understood what you meant, but they are not irrelevant is what I'm saying. Henrik Stenson was ranked like 200th in the world in 2011 and now look at him. Same for Kaymer. Their scoring averages were about a stroke from where they were then and now, but that's the difference between the top-10 and 200+. The strength of the fields today make it difficult for even the top 25 players to make the cut sometimes. Webb Simpson, Lee Westwood, Brandt Snedeker, Graham DeLaet,...
If you think club pros are in the same category as guys at the bottom of the cut line in majors right now, you're honestly pretty lost on the level of talent out there. Good club pros these days couldn't even qualify for the PGA Tour, let alone make the cut in majors.
Sorry to hear that. I was unemployed for 7 months not too long ago and it has (and is still) made my life very difficult. Good luck to you.
I was impressed to see that Rory was busy averaging about 330 with driver off the tee and hitting mid-iron approaches to par 5s while everyone else was trying to pull a 2006 Tiger Woods by teeing off with irons for safety. I think they forgot that he is the greatest iron player in the history of the game with a pretty darn strong short game and putting stroke, so 270 with a 2-iron off the tee is more daunting when you're not the greatest iron player ever. Hence, for 2014,...
 He just did one where he was an ex-LA homicide detective-turned small town cop on the AZ border that I thought was a surprising birdie. Forgot the name. Just saw Sabotage last night. I didn't like how they revealed who the killer was too early in the movie, and that woman on the team was too over-the-top psychopath. Par here too. BTW, you're right about Ahnold flicks, but from Conan to about True Lies was a damn good ride!
Charles Barkley Bill Murray Bill Clinton Alice Cooper   I'll caddie and watch
How about the greatest golfer NAMES of all time:   Fuzzy Zoeller Chi Chi Rodriguez Eldrick Tont Woods Gay Brewer Seve Ballesteros
2 years ago I would have said yes. I wanted to see 2013, and he reinforced my belief that he will. The Masters could've been his without that crazy pitch shot and 2 stroke penalty. Now that 2014 has been a disaster thus far, if he hasn't won 1 more at least by the end of next year, I'm finally entering the no camp. Then again, there was Tom Watson at 59 almost taking the Open a scant 6 years ago. This is why sports is great.
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