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Nice swing. One thing I noticed that I learned from my Evolvr coach is that your stance may be a bit wide, especially for irons. I was told that a wide stance makes it difficult to turn the hips, and after narrowing mine, I agree.
Because if courses didn't have them, then this website would be called "The Waterhazard.com", and that doesn't have much of a ring to it   Anyway, I think sand traps are one of the little details that makes golf such an original sport. It is kinda weird that in the midst of a basically green playing field, someone decided that they would put oddly shaped sandboxes. It makes the game of golf require a completely different and unique skill. Makes me think Robin Williams'...
The best golf game ever was "Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf" for the NES. Not only is the name awesome, it was a good game.
 True, though who knows what his ailments are now. The lead story on ESPN Golf might be about how Tiger Woods has sternocleidomastoid displacement syndrome the Monday after the Masters is over.
If I were a betting man, I'd bet my house that Tiger plays in the Masters, and double down that he gets a WD with a back injury. Really too bad.
I liked Mockingjay1 and think Jennifer Lawrence is a terrific actor, truly, as well. I can't wait to see her career unfold over the next twenty years. I think this is the first movie she overacted in, though. Maybe it's just that the role is getting old for me - the save the world reluctant heroine appalled by the horrors of big bad Big Brother. Every movie I've ever seen her in, however - Hunger Games 1 and 2, Winter's Bone, Silver Lining Playbook, and American Hustle, I...
If I Win I'll choose the PURE DTX Blue to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage!   Jordan Spieth - 9 Tiger Woods - 7 John Senden -10
You haven't played a twilight round in Phoenix, AZ in late June.   My friend and I made the turn at 9. He respectfully bowed out when he realized that the thermometer in the clubhouse said 114 degrees. I was only 5 over - great for me - so I told him I was sticking it out. By the end of 18 I had sun poisoning so bad that I had to ask my wife to pick me up because I was vomiting every five minutes due to electrolyte loss. I spent the next 8 hours on the couch puking in a...
Strange coincidence with the John Irving guys on here - I'm reading "The World According to Garp" right now! Find it pretty interesting. about 1/3 through. I tried Hotel New Hampshire about 15 years back and never got through it. Just remembered it seemed over-the-top farcical for me.   Also reading Lowest Score Wins for something more important
Found this thread interesting. Reminded me about something I noticed the other day. I saw a golf magazine with a Rory McIlroy ad promoting new Vapor Clubs and was struck by two things - 1: Rory's forearms are  jacked (that's not the main point here), 2: He had a tremendous amount of WRIST cock (the picture showed him at the top of his backswing with a driver).   FWIW, and maybe the moderators could comment on this post to make a professional statement out of it, I think...
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