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http://www.amazon.com/Dave-Pelzs-Short-Game-Bible/dp/0767903447/ref=pd_cp_14_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=17Q8BJ3M91VJBDJA4NV8   Read the review. Maybe "distance wedge" was around before Pelz, but it sounds like the kinda term someone would coin to bring attention to their system, for better or worse. It is decidedly NOT a full swing in this book, though. Maybe it is elsewhere.
Funny. Distance wedge I think is best attributed to short game teacher Dave Pelz - it is any wedge shot above a pitch that does not utilize a traditional 100% full swing. For most people, it's wedge shots between 45-110 yards, based on a 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 swing. The question is interesting, however, because I don't know that Pelz ever really does a good job of explaining the mechanical differences between, say, a 1/4 swing and a pitch shot. His book was really good for me...
 I think this is very astute! Just thinking about trying to shallow out after that seemingly artificial move back makes me shudder. I'll worry about an "alternative" swing when I actually have a decent traditional swing, personally.
@natureboy : I think you are correct in your reading of Pelz's Short Game Bible in that "distance wedges" are NOT full swing mechanics. He says that there is no "coiling", storage of power, and the "dead-hands" approach eliminates the pernicious effects of adrenaline. I don't have the book in front of me and I haven't read it for a while, but that's his basic premise - any wedge shot inside of your personal 3/4 swing does NOT use full swing mechanics, even if you are...
Friday - hour at range trying to hit balls with proper setup position. Saturday - 30 minutes mirror work; 90 minutes at range with 5 iron and 3 wood Sunday - 30-60 min mirror work watching Rory McIlroy thinking I should just quit now...
2 hours at the range. 30 minutes just addressing a ball. 1 hour trying to hit it at new address position. 30 minutes just hitting balls having fun.
I know that the alternative approach refers to the backswing. It's a simpler backswing, supposedly, that puts the club in an odd position. Check out his website to see what I mean.
I recall a story by Lee Trevino saying they played matches for fun where the opposing player got to shout distracting phrases while the other was over the ball. Said it helped his concentration for the real thing.   BTW, Arizona State University is the mecca of sports distraction routines. Check this out:  
 I don't know that I'd say what goes on in the mind of another golfer just from what I know of him from TV. Tiger might seem like a cerebral golfer with all of his swing mechanics talk and stuff, but what goes on in anyone's mind aside from my own is at best a guess in my opinion. After seeing his technique at Phoenix on video, I think it was a mechanical flaw that led to his awful short game. Take a look at him during that event. He was stabbing at the ball like someone...
another 30 minutes or so working on setup/address at my desk. Will move on to backswing tonight for 30 minutes or so (simple going to A3 without swaying my hips) and hit the range Friday to see if I can incorporate the changes when hitting balls a bit. With camera, of course.
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