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Ok, when you get sassy, you must play along...   "In a frenzy, I stabbed and smashed at the euphio's glass and wire vitals."   Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Welcome to the Monkey House.   This B.A. in English Lit turned government finance stooge always has some cool fiction hanging around, even in my office five minutes before I check out for the day.
Dear God...
 The Hobbit movies are weak, I agree. Bogey with a 15 foot putt to save... LOTR are birdies, BTW.
For the same reason six inches isn't enough...   This thread should be renamed "Why do men..."
Rudy!! Rudy!! I mean Freddie!! Freddie!!
5 Course dinner:   Appetizer:   BBQ Bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp lightly stuffed with habanero cream cheese.   Salad:   Micro green salad w/ shredded carrots, cucumbers, walnuts, grape tomatoes, pomegranate raisins, balsamic vinaigrette dressing   Soup:   French onion with pumpernickel and ample gruyere cheese oozing off the top.   Entrée:   Braised lamb chops w/sweet bourbon reduction demi-glaze Roasted asparagus w/sliced almonds Garlic mashed...
People, stop posting. I want a new driver!
Adam Scott: -11 Jason Day: -10 Matt Kuchar: -8
I've only been to clubfitters in box stores like Golfsmith and online using the standard measurement thing, but I usually am told I need irons and wedges that are 1/2 to 3/4 inches longer (I'm 6'2 and my wrist-to-floor is like 37 inches) and upright 2 degrees. I understand that golf is a game of precision and I want the best equipment available, but am I putting myself at that much of a disadvantage if I buy a set of Mizuno MP59s standard/standard that I can get used in...
Most flush 3 wood of my life. Carried 260+ (green center was 255 and my pitch mark was on the back of the green) off the tee and rolled off the back of the green. Slight draw over two trees to a hidden green, as planned. Poor chip and a two-putt par. In other words, it wasn't a great result, but the planned draw over trees and pure feel were awesome!
New Posts  All Forums: