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 Funny... I would cringe to see the attempt at a golfer robot. Perfy sinking a putt and then dancing around the screen? Ooofff...
You have a pedestrian swing speed of 114 mph? Is Jaime Sadlowski or Bubba Watson your playing partner?
It would with those used Nike balls I bought at Target for $7.99 a dozen. I thought I was hitting wads of bubble gum!
I hear you, but this seems a bit oversimplified. All of this stuff about trajectory, spin rate, face technology... I don't think if you took TM R9 irons and just changed the 5 to a 6 etc. you'd have Sldr irons. Anyway, I'm straying OT here...
As a follow-up to this, anyone chime in:   I'm at a bit of a crossroads right now, trying to figure out how I want to improve at golf, especially with my iron play. I'm 100% in agreement that distance is very important to score well, but this got me to thinking about how to take that.   I've been playing on and off again for about 4 years, and I'm getting to the point now where I'm financially able to pursue the game of golf as diligently as I want to. I guess I don't...
I just noticed that Jimmy Walker hit almost 91% GIR and finished 4 under for the tournament. Was he putting with a wet noodle? And no I didn't post this to draw the "drive for show, putt for dough" crowd out of the woodwork!  They may come out full force soon enough, though!
 This is totally an amateur's opinion, but I don;t see why you wouldn't get fit first. If you're prepared to drop a couple hundred on a new putter that it properly fit for you, it would seem that step 1 is get the right tools, and step 2 is to use them properly. I can;t see why doing it in that order would ever do you wrong, so if you're prepared to do both as @iacas said, that's my 2 cents. BTW, I've never been fit for a putter and I putt like a friggin champ by just...
WTF is it with that grunting thing???? Did someone prove that grunting gives you an edge somehow, somewhere? I honestly can't watch it for that reason either.
^^^^^ I think it's because the discussion is between distance vs. accuracy. I think everyone would agree that if you could hit it 20 yards longer with identical accuracy you're in the best of both worlds.
 I think my New Year's Resolution after getting a bit more consistent with some fundamental swing mechanics is to learn ball flight laws better. I've read your other threads here, and I think the start line/target line thing hasn't really gone from the classroom to the course, if you know what I mean. I think when I say my face is slightly open that might not be terrible because the start line is usually supposed to be out a bit and not perfectly straight, no? Anyway, thanks.
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