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 He just did one where he was an ex-LA homicide detective-turned small town cop on the AZ border that I thought was a surprising birdie. Forgot the name. Just saw Sabotage last night. I didn't like how they revealed who the killer was too early in the movie, and that woman on the team was too over-the-top psychopath. Par here too. BTW, you're right about Ahnold flicks, but from Conan to about True Lies was a damn good ride!
Charles Barkley Bill Murray Bill Clinton Alice Cooper   I'll caddie and watch
How about the greatest golfer NAMES of all time:   Fuzzy Zoeller Chi Chi Rodriguez Eldrick Tont Woods Gay Brewer Seve Ballesteros
2 years ago I would have said yes. I wanted to see 2013, and he reinforced my belief that he will. The Masters could've been his without that crazy pitch shot and 2 stroke penalty. Now that 2014 has been a disaster thus far, if he hasn't won 1 more at least by the end of next year, I'm finally entering the no camp. Then again, there was Tom Watson at 59 almost taking the Open a scant 6 years ago. This is why sports is great.
Pulled driver again well into the deep stuff on a 375 yard par 4. Hit PW from behind two massive trees that were at least 80 feet tall. Compressed the heck out of the ball, 135 yards or so over the trees, a hill, greenside bunker, on to front of green 25 feet from pin. Par.
I figured it out this Friday after expecting to break 80 and working my tail off to make 87. Sit on the couch with a six pack and laugh at the guys on TV missing 4 footers for $150,000. It's much easier!
86 on a very easy course. Wildly inconsistent, and awful with all irons 6 and above. Many bad tee shots. After hitting a drive on a 523-yard par 5 to a couple of yards before the blue 200 yard stakes dead-center on fairway, on the next hole I had to carry a pond 50 yards in front of the tee box. I topped the ball so badly that it skimmed the water and hit a tree, landing on the ladies tee box. Very frustrating round.
Been drilling this "deep hands" thing a lot by just taking swings in my garage. I don;t have a full length mirror or tripod yet, but I'm getting filmed again this weekend with my camera this time. The feeling of "deep hands" is markedly different! Can't wait to see it on film. It actually feels more rotary, more like a baseball swing, which I find very appealing. Hopefully I'm doing it right. Please let me know soon when I post. Cheers!
Is your real name John Daly? You won $1240 and had about 10 drinks while shooting a 73? I would't imagine you'd want to change it. I'm a relative newbie and gave up drinking about 10 years ago, so I lead a different kind of life. I'm trying to improve to become more competitive, as I miss that being in my life. Anyway, good luck in the tourney. Thanks for sharing.
Which phone does 240 fps?
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