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Strange coincidence with the John Irving guys on here - I'm reading "The World According to Garp" right now! Find it pretty interesting. about 1/3 through. I tried Hotel New Hampshire about 15 years back and never got through it. Just remembered it seemed over-the-top farcical for me.   Also reading Lowest Score Wins for something more important
Found this thread interesting. Reminded me about something I noticed the other day. I saw a golf magazine with a Rory McIlroy ad promoting new Vapor Clubs and was struck by two things - 1: Rory's forearms are  jacked (that's not the main point here), 2: He had a tremendous amount of WRIST cock (the picture showed him at the top of his backswing with a driver).   FWIW, and maybe the moderators could comment on this post to make a professional statement out of it, I think...
I don't see definitive physical evidence that Tiger used PED or steroids. As bulky as the guy is, a superior athlete who hits the weights as hard as he supposedly did would look pretty much like Tiger does. I think his body may have broken down simply because he's been swinging a golf club with a somewhat violent swing for hours a day since he was 3 years old. There's the whole thing in the Hank Haney book about him ruining his leg in 2007 while considering a run at the...
I don't know what good I expected to get out of opening this thread, but thank you everyone.
Me too... Sometimes I just can't help myself (though this one was at Plunkett's expense. I'm sure he's heard worse!)
No offense, but I think even Jim Plunkett's high school yearbook picture was afraid to display Jim Plunkett's face on it
I haven't read this entire thread, but I wonder if anyone else noticed that  ESPN said Tiger Woods led the field in driving distance. Is that true or a mistake? This is a crazy game if so... 
 Funny... I would cringe to see the attempt at a golfer robot. Perfy sinking a putt and then dancing around the screen? Ooofff...
You have a pedestrian swing speed of 114 mph? Is Jaime Sadlowski or Bubba Watson your playing partner?
It would with those used Nike balls I bought at Target for $7.99 a dozen. I thought I was hitting wads of bubble gum!
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