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I currently play x100's but my launch angle with them is stupid high. because of my size (6'4 185) i have a pretty long smooth tempo swing. Almost that of a nick watney or sean o hair. My ball flight right now starts off normal height and rapidly climbs before hitting its apex and falling straight down. It makes shots into any type of headwind near impossible, and shots with a tailwind can fly an extra 15 yards unexpectedly. Id prefer a more boring trajectory, not...
well no disrespect to the company, but their selection of fitting options is very limited. Im 18 living in the retirement capital of the united states so basically every shaft in the fitting carts is a flex or regular. there are a couple s300's and project x 6.0's but nothing close to what i need. its frustrating haha. the only club that is an inch extra long is an s300 but if you extend a club an inch it brings down the flexibility a ton, almost making it an s200.... it...
Hey guys,  im taking a year off between high school and college to work and practice to get better. Im good enough to play division II or III right now but i really want to go to a big school and have some tougher competition. Im about to order titleist 712 mb's an inch extra long and 3 degrees upright, unfortunately i have no idea which shaft would be best for me.    I like a heavy iron shaft, and strongly prefer a low penetrating ball flight. My 6 iron distance...
I hit down on the ball quite a bit which makes my longer clubs roll alot and not carry very far. my wedges go very far because of this though   Driver: 285 carry 310 total 3 wood: 265 carry 285 total 2 iron: 235 4 iron: 215 5 iron: 205 6 iron: 195 7 iron: 180 8 iron: 170 9 iron: 155 pw: 145 52: 125 56: 115 60: never hit full swing but probably 95-100
Oh haha my bad i just saw these clubs for the first time yesterday
      Anyone else seen these things? They won't come out for quite a while I imagine but they match the new Cobra amp wood line. First week that Rickie has had them in the bag. They look alot like Titleist 712's without the logos if you ask me though... hmm
I am as well. tmag connection is where its at
I am as well. tmag connection is where its at
Cant go wrong with the titleist 910 series, but let me tell you what. I got to do a pre-view hitting of the Ping I-20... its awesome
A common misconception about driver shafts is that the weight of the shaft affects stiffness. Shaft weight is entirely feel. Sergio garcia plays with a 105 gram shaft, and a few cleveland staff players like david toms use as light as 55, but they are both extra stiff. Sergio claims he cann feel the clubhead more and is more confident with it. So that part is entirely up to you. with a lighter weight shaft you will be able to swing faster, meaning that a 60 gram x flex...
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