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Just got them in Mexico and so far, feel ok, build confidence on shapping shots.   I was between AP2 and these one, i belive it was the rignt decision to made.
just watch the video and can´t wait to try it out.
Thanks a lot for all the advices.   With these last advice i was really conviced that my hitting distance has nothing to do with the shat lenght if not, need to practice more.   When a good driver hit in the sweet spot can reach some times 240 yds o little more. 7 iron hits 145 to 155, so my guess is that my distances are ok, right ??? might have to work more on hitting the ball rigtht to the sweet spot.   the problem i face is where i live can`t find a pro...
just a coment,,,,, hit as many balls as your fittnes and body alows you. need to be focused on the routine so it will stick on your mind, that is very important, so where on the match, you need to rely on your muscle & movement memory. i think there is a very important matter to work ok
hi, i've had nike´s vr full cavity for over a year. recently have problems with distance and i think it´s because those where cutted off 1/2 inch.   my hcp in 14 and use to play twice on weekends and hit the range some other day, would like some advice on if i've have to change my clubs or just wait to this golf bump passes truh. for about two months my golf have been quite inconsistent. don´t know if titleist AP1, PING i15 or Taylormade CB would help.   i would...
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