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LOL that girl is awesome
LOL I would laugh. I have done my fair share of blasting horn while i was driving by a course (when I was 16). People have lost their sense of humor. I probably would hang back and let people play through, only to watch their expression hahahahahaha
I would agree. What a dumb article.
If the guy could only putt........
cleveland vas!!!!!!!
Ha. Ya same here. I dont know how many sticks I went through growing up!!! hahaha
Why would you wish that on someone?!? LOL. At least he destroyed his OWN property and didn't take it out on the course, cart, etc. Some people have off days and get fired up. I have broken many of clubs in my day.
Yes they are superior in every way because you played in tournaments that no one has heard of and apparently played well. Good clubs? Yes. Superior than others? Highly doubtful as you dont represent the masses.
Glad to hear!!! Now get on the course and have fun!!
I like the look. Look at this nasty past ryder cup shirt!!!!! barf. http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/ryder...ory?id=1880805 You have to love Tigers quote: Tiger Woods: "I threw it in the fireplace over Christmas and burned it. It was sooo ugly. It provided more warmth for the house."
New Posts  All Forums: