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What I don't understand is why the committee even matters. Tiger never asked for a ruling so a rules official/committee should not even come in to play. He kept his own card, put down a score, signed it and turned it in. He broke a rule and was called on it after signing the card. What members determined without Tiger's knowledge should have no bearing on this. He never asked for any rulings or officials so he was responsible for the card, not the committee.
Completely agree.I want to see either Scott, Snedeker, Cabrera or finally Day win tomorrow. I think my chances are good, lol.
So any player who "doesn't realize he broke a rule" and signs the scorecard he thinks is correct should never be DQ'd?While I may agree with the premise of that, I don't think that's how the rules are currently laid out.
I guess I just see it differently. It is the player's responsibility to sign a correct scorecard. I don't think the committee is at fault.If Tiger had asked for a ruling at that time and they had told him the drop was fine, I would blame the committee. That is not what happened. We can't go by "ifs".Tiger signed an incorrect scorecard without any feedback from the committee, without him asking for a ruling, with him just simply violating a rule, and he signed the card....
So, basically, no player should ever be DQ'd for violating a rule?I thought it was a player's responsibility, not the committee, to abide by the rules and sign a correct scorecard.
How many times has Rule 33-7 been used? Anyone know? Not saying this about Tiger in particular but I don't remember anyone who would normally be DQ'd getting a pass under "exceptional circumstances."
Apparently, we both are.
I agree.
Did the GC not post the correct statement a few minutes ago? It said nothing about the committee talking to Tiger before he finished his round. It just said they made a decision after reviewing the tape, nothing about speaking with Tiger. Maybe I'm not seeing the same statement as everyone else.
Isn't golf a little different? You call infractions on yourself.On a side note, I'm not a Tiger fan at all but even I'm getting tired of Chamblee. Has he always hated Tiger? Is there something Tiger did to him in the past?
New Posts  All Forums: