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Hey all, i'm tired of my old three-ball Odyssey putters, and was thinking of going to a two ball or maybe even a blade.  I'd also like to get two of the exact same putter, one for home/course and one for the office.  :)       Should i get fitted for a putter?  where's the best place for this?  I live in Chicago, so any specific recommendations would be appreciated.     Thanks!!!
Break 80 in the next 12 months.   Break 70 some day.
EX-FC200S http://www.casio-intl.com/asia-mea/en/dc/ex_fc200s/ http://www.casio-intl.com/asia-mea/en/dc/ex_fc200s/spec/ Made for golf. video specs: Movies:FHD : 1920 x1080(30fps) / HD : 1280x720(15fps) / STD:640x480(30fps) / HS1000:224×64(1000fps) / HS 480 : 224 x160(480fps) / HS 240 : 512 x384(240fps) / HS 120 : 640 x480(120fps) / HS 30-240 : 512 x384(30 to 240fps) / HS 30-120 : 640 x480(30 to 120fps) about 450 from ebay -- not yet sold in US regularly. And I cannot...
I hit a nice draw with driver when I do that -- but always thought it was too much of a bandaid, so only used it when i was having real slice issues or really needed more of a draw.  I may try that out on my driver and 3-wood, both of which occasionally suffer from too much fade occasionally (approaching slice...)
Those arguments seem to say (and the videos show) that the ball is not compressed against the ground, but just against the club face.   So hitting out of sand, if hit perfectly flush, should result in a similar hit as on grass.  Hence, #2 could very well be true.   Right?
#1) I've also heard that when hitting down on the ball, you are not compressing the ball between the club and ground, but just compressing the ball against the clubface on impact.   #2) I've heard from a friend that I can practice making perfect contact (on the sweetspot, hitting down on the ball) with irons by hitting the ball from the sand.     If #1 is true, then #2 is possibly true.   do you all agree with either of these?
so i think you all are saying i should keep my hips more parallel with target line for a longer time, and keep my right foot down for a longer time?  Is that part of the idea?
what does that mean exactly?  is my head and body going up and down too much?
Here's me swatting it with the driver:
  Dear Golfers,   I find myself hitting my 3-wood about 190-200, and lately my driver about the same distance.  Both are Taylor Made Burners, with regular shafts.  Driver shaft is 1 inch longer than the 3-wood. Driver claims to be a 10.5 degree, while the 3-wood claims to be 15 degrees.   All i want is another 10 to 20 yards with driver and i'd be satisifed :).   I do tend to hit them about the same accuracy -- 50% pretty straight, 35% fade to slice, 15%...
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