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Lastpick I am more of a neutral swinger with my wedges. My divots are fairly shallow but I do take good divots long divots as well. Not every shot is the same though. Obviously I hit some shots fat and some shots thin. It all depends on how I'm swinging that day.
I have played with vockey wedges since is started playing golf. I really have my heart set on upgrading the volleys I already have. Thank you.
I have decided this year to get some new vokey wedges. I know the lofts that I want but the new vokey wedges come in different grinds and bounces. I have the general knowledge and experience with different bounces. What I'm struggling with is the grinds. I have already purchased the 50.08 f grind. I knew that club was going to be used more for hitting full shots. Now the 54 and 58 degree wedges have a lot more grinds and bounces. When I got to golf galaxy the people that...
I have been working on not swaying for about a month now. Its been a struggle. I have found that if I'm not thinking about it then I hit a lot better shots.    I had lost some distance with my driver. I moved the ball up more in my stance and I am hitting the ball much more out of the center of the club. Which in turn raised my ball speed up from 145 to 160 consistently. I will take that. 
I felt amazing today at the course by the house. I hit my 60 degree wedge, 9 iron, and 7 iron. I really focused on keeping my weight forward to keep me from swaying. I would take a slow practice swing really focusing on my right knee not moving. Then hit my shot. I hope the video I shoot tomorrow shows what I'm feeling. Go away sway. 
I didn't want to hijack the brices thread about his swing. I read over the thread about being a stupid monkey. Just so that I understand correctly. What you were getting at by saying "thats not being a stupid monkey" is I need to focus on the highest priority problem? 
I am finding a lot of similarities between our swings. You do a great job with your knee action. I'm pretty envious. I saw a couple things that you do with your right knee that I'm going to try myself. 
Thats exactly what I'm trying.I like to use an alignment stick or my golf bag.  I felt like I wasn't swaying as much yesterday. I'm gonna need to video my swing today and see if i can replicate the swing without thinking about it. 
Oh yeah of course. Finding it tough to get a good feeling for not swaying right now.  I feel like I'm straightening my right leg to much and leaning more on my left side than I should. Gonna need to be find a better balance between my old swing and the fix.    I'm gonna get out of the house today and hit balls for a bit. Hopefully it clicks. 
My next question would be about getting my hands more forward. Obviously when I do this the club face is open. I rotate the club face back to square. I have a feeling that this is closing it more than it should be. Could you post a pic of how the club head should look at address in regards to the ball? 
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