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I have gone back to a flatter swing which has made a world of difference in the quality of my contact with the ball. My driving accuracy has really improved as well. What I'm starting to notice though is that I'm about a club shorter than I used to be on everything. I went out today and tried to add a little more leg and hip drive with my lead leg which has seemed to help. Does anyone have any ideas on why I might have lost this distance? Maybe it's not my swing so much as...
I have been focusing on hitting a lower trajectory shot so that I could get more roll on my drivers. I adjusted my driver to the flatest setting with the least loft possible. Lately i am finding that i am pushing the ball more right than normal and hitting it higher right than normal. Should i adjust my driver back to square? 
I always try to feel like my butt is pointed to the target on my back swing. You won't be able to sway if you can do this. 
I like how serious you are about honing your swing. I tried the more rounded swing you are trying. I ended up with a never ending case of the shanks.   I do have a couple things that I work on to help my lower body from swaying.  1) Put you golf bag behind your right leg and try not to touch it with your back leg on your back swing.  
try a steeper take away. your club comes away from the ball to the inside alot which is causing and over the top swing. 
yes your knees are swaying towards the target. watch a view of rory mcilroy swing from a face on view and watch what his knees are doing. Then watch the video of your swing from the face on view and watch your knees. When you sway to much it makes your right side fall back and the club falls to the inside of the swing plane. Watch a swing of his iron shots because you do want some sway in the driver swing. 
focus on what your wedge does on a full swing and document that. My 52-4 goes 105 yards on a full swing and my 58-8 goes 85 yards. I play to these yardages on my lay ups. I always want to be taking a consistent swing at the ball when i'm hitting my wedges. 
watch your left knee on your down swing. it sways more forward than you would want. I tend to have this problem aswell. The swing thought i try to use is stay low and feel like i am trying to bump a chair with my left hip on the downswing. 
Everything from 8 iron to sandwedges I hit in the center of the club face. I consistently hit my 8 iron 155 especially since it's warmed up lately. My problem is that from my 7 iron to 3 iron I hit slightly to the inside of the club losing about 10 yards on all of these clubs. I recently had those clubs adjusted to 1 degree flat from .5 flat. i do feel like I make a better divot since I made this adjustment but haven't been able to center the ball up on the club face....
I find that for me taking a shallower divot helps me get a better ball flight and better strike on the ball. I do take a divot but when I am striking the ball the best it looks like i have just pushed the grass infront of the ball over. That is the most important part of the divot "when it starts". If your divot starts prior to hitting the ball your not gonna get everything out of your shots that you want.  
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