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Is it common when trying to fix a sway to pull the ball?
Thank you mvmac. I will work on it for the rest of the week and hopefully I will see some results. 
I like that "changing the picture" thread. I may have gone about this in the wrong way. When I get out to the course tomorrow I will try this out. Its tough to judge how I'm doing with something I can't feel. 
I went out today and tried the things you guys recommended today. I wanted to go after it with a 9 iron first just to get a feeling for it. I struggled for sure at the beginning. I really felt like my body was more closed to the target when I bumped my hips forward. I adjusted that a bit. I may have been over doing it some. I definitely noticed that my divot were starting more in front of the ball than before. Once I started to flush the ball I hit some really nice shots....
Do you think this is why I tend to not hit the ball as flush or consistent as I can? 
I don't know what FWIW is?   OK maybe its not as slight as I thought.
I have been fighting that slight sway for years. Its been a work in progress. It has gotten much better than it was. I like what you were saying about shifting my hip slightly forward at address to stop the sway. I do tend to have a hard time not hitting moon balls when I get to much shoulder tilt. I will work on these things tomorrow and see how it feels. I'm curious to see what my ball flight is like doing these things. 
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 19 years My current handicap index or average score is: 9.6...I usually average 79 to 85 depending on the course My typical ball flight is: draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull with my iron and hook with my driver     Videos:       I am very excited to finally get my driver swing on the site.
I also noticed how much your right hand grip is like a baseball grip. It seems to be really deep into your palm. Try getting the club more into your fingers. This could help with the quality of contact. Take a look at a pros grip with the right hand then compare it to yours. The position of your right hand and thumb can help to dictate whether you draw or fade the ball.    Focus on a couple of small things and like your grip and back swing. These should start to improve...
The first thing that jumps out at me is the lack of extension in your back swing. You are setting your wrists really early in the back swing. I have a feeling that if you had a video of the swing from the DTL view it would show a very steep back swing. Think of someone standing behind you and your trying to reach out and touch that person with the end of the club. 
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