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That makes total sense why you be using that bounce set up then.  You should post a new video of your swing. To how things have improved. 
oh its no fun at all. The hardest part has been getting my strength and endurance back. The simplest things are tough to do right now. I plan on getting back to practicing this week. I gotta get in as much as possible. I have baby on the way too. Late sept.    That's a pretty high bounce for a 55 degree wedge.  What was your thinking behind getting that particular wedge? Were you hitting shots fat with your wedges? I know when I bought my 58 12 wedge I didn't know...
I think that 7 inches between the ears is a major factor for us all. I just had nose surgery a week ago so I've got about an inch thats just killing me. I haven't practiced since.    I like that bounce set up. I really regret not getting my 60* wedge in a 11* bounce. 
Thats not a bad idea. I have a 21 degree hybrid in my bag which I absolutely love. I have so much confidence with it. I don't play a 3 iron.   What are the bounces on your wedges? This could also be a cause for your inconsistency with your closer shots. I used to play 2 58 degree wedges with different bounces. I regret changing from that set up. 
Very nice. How many wedges do you play in your bag?    I have  a 52 and 60 degree wedge. The 52 I play 100 yard shots and the 60 i hit 70 yard shots. I try to always take a full swing. I feel that I am a lot more consistent. This may help you eliminate that shot from 40 yards and in. That is unless you hit a bad shot. I really need to get a 56 to hopefully hit that 85 yard shot easier.    I also focus on hitting the ball with all of my clubs more to the middle of the...
Congrats on the good round. What do you feel like was the best and worst parts of your game? I like to have a good idea of what I did well and what I didn't. That way I know what I need to work on. 
I personally hit the ball so much better when I take a shallow divot. So getting excessively steep takes away from the quality of my strikes.    A slight forward press isn't a bad thing but to much gets your club face open for to long. The was the other issue I had when I pressed to much. 
Its ok to expect alot out of your swing.    By the end of last year I was shoot high 70's to low 80's rounds on a bad day. I was expecting to see some improvement this year. Until recently I just wasn't able to regain my form. Now in the last couple of weeks I have found my iron swing again. If I can do it so will you. It just takes that one day where you find that trigger in your swing.    I do have a question for you. When you set up you have a bit of forward press....
Just read all nine pages between a nap after nose surgery yesterday. I have quickly become a fan of your posts so please keep them coming. I see a lot of similarities in your swings to mine. I do hit greens a bit more than you seem to but my driving isn't consistent or as long. I don't hit my irons as far either.  I have been working on shortening my back swing for years. Especially with my driver which you always want to hit as far as possible. What do you use as a...
To often though I think people get confused with swaying forward and not straightening their leg early. I know this was one thing that helped me a ton. I am able to clear my hips a lot more fluidly when I do get my weight more forward. The strike on the ball is a lot better too. I also don't swing the club so much from the inside. 
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