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My.opinion would be that dad should explain to his girls before hand that ". We'll go over but they might be too focused to stop for autographs . If you look between tees , most guys wont look at or acknowledge anyone. No hand slapping, nothing for the most part. I believe at the advice of their " sports psycologist". -msp
I think i would have asked too if i saw that driver for that price. You didnt do anything wrong in my opinion. Now, the guy with the flooring will most likely have some bad carma coming his way.
I have a Bridgestone driver that replaced my superfast 2.0. 3/4" shorter. When i lengthened it to the same length as my old one: it feels better at the top of my swing. A little more length added weight and a little more flex to suit my swing.
Me and three other guys have a little grudge match set up for 7:30 in the morning. We plan on playing 36 but we' ll just have to see how hot it gets.
It really does matter how much green you have to work with and slope between you and the hole. I think a 54* is a really good loft for alot of shots around the green. I have a 50*,54*, and 60* in my bag.
If i had one piece of advice it would be to practice hard from green to tee and learn the basic swing. I think most people dont spend enough time chipping and putting. That is where you will shave more shots off of you score. And, have fun for Gods sake
Maybe not much of an answer, but i think you should play the tees that you get the most enjoyment playing. Some people dont like constantly hitting mid to long irons on par 4's. But if you want to challenge yourself , try moving back and see how it feels when you are done. Sometimes moving back will take some hazards out of play.
Thats good to know. Thanks
I never read where you said you hit balls with these clubs or even tried them. Just some you tube link. Thanks. One of the biggest reasons for asking is because i did some research and read that the nike vr pro had more weight near the top line than the titleist mb710. I'll try to find a shop that has both and check them out.
I am not looking for anyone to tell me the difference in these clubs. I know the difference. Again for the 3rd fn time , i was only trying to get feedback from those who play the two models i spoke about. Why ia that si hard to comprehend? Haha
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