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On the road with just an iPhone and without my decisions book. Oh the horror. Anyway I've read discussions on this before and I believe the consensus was the marker was analogous to the ball. There r some decisions that confirm this relationship between the ball and marker.
 Sorry been busy, moving.  Yuk. The OP said he couldn't see the ball land from where he was standing.  His partner said he was sure it went into the hazard.  I wasn't sure if that meant he actually saw it go in, or he based his comment on  knowing where the hazard was and seeing the ball flight. Witnesses can be used as evidence in determining virtual certainty.  But sometimes that's only one piece of fact finding.  The ball did turn out to be outside the hazard in the...
I live a mile from the course.................it's seriously dark right now.
 Going to be a late night for you.  I've played the course a few times. You can not imagine how far they are hitting the ball and how easy the leaders are making it look.
  My ancestors are from Scotland, so I guess that's why I understand you. Thread creep.  I live about a mile from the 7th hole at Valhalla.  Very wet....too bad, hasn't rained this much all summer.  The weather here last week was gorgeous.
 Hi Fred, Hope you got through all the answers without too much confusion. Most likely your ruling would be this. You did not have known or virtual certainty that the ball was in the hazard.  As a result you needed to either find your ball within 5 minutes of searching, or play under the lost ball rule which means back to the tee hitting 3. Because you did not do this, and gained a significant advantage from playing your 3rd stroke from the area of the hazard and not the...
 Having read most of your responses on the other forums I would say you often explain things the most clearly, even though English is not your native language. 
Start with this.     26-1/3 Ball Played Under Water Hazard Rule; Original Ball Then Found Outside Hazard   Q.A player believed his original ball had come to rest in a water hazard. He searched for about a minute but did not find his ball. He therefore dropped another ball behind the hazard under Rule 26-1 and played it. He then found his original ball outside the hazard within five minutes of having begun to search for it. What is the ruling?   A.When the player...
Didn't see it so it's hard to say anything definitive but remember R1-2 is intent based.  There must be an action with the intent (to purposely) influence the movement of the ball in play.   The fact that the ball returned to the repaired spot, in of itself, is not a penalty.  If she saw that the ball might return to that spot, and repaired the divot because of this, then a penalty.
 I agree.    The point is IF you know the ball is OB, it's OB.   It also makes the point that water is not an outside agency.  
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