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Your opponent is disqualified from the hole for playing a wrong ball.  This does not affect his partners play, even it the wrong ball was his..  Your partner incurs a 1 stroke penalty for moving an opponents ball other than during a search.  The fact that it was the opponent's who hit a wrong ball is irrelevant. (although see below)   So the hole should have been finished with both you and your partner finishing the hole, your partner adding 1PS to his score.  The...
 I was going to say the same thing.  Especially with branches, I look at it this way:  If there is any other way you could have taken your stance, where less branches are being moved or repositioned, you must take that less obtrusive stance.
Also, I will agree that 13-4 is applicable regardless if the "grass" is part of the hazard or not.  The above video shows what my comments were about.
The word pedantic comes to mine when I think you know that we both understand the rule.   BTW, You might want to email the USGA and tell them they're using bad terminology.    
U guys keep bringing up the "ground". I'm not sure how that relates to the OP's question. I agree with ur point concerning weeds or grass that's not suppose to b there.
I don't think that changes anything I said in post #3. I still don't think R13-4 is the applicable rule when ruling on grass in a bunker. I believe the definition of a bunker covers this.  The grass itself, and the ground from which the grass is growing, is not part of the hazard in a bunker.  This is not true with water hazards.  Although touching the grass in the back swing is treated the same in both bunkers and water hazards, this is for different reasons.   Other...
 Hi Rulesman, D13-4/4 deals with a water hazard.  Does not grass growing in a bunker have the same status as grass growing outside of a bunker?
 I know, in your situation, the grass was outside of the bunker, but I would also make the point that as far as bunkers are concerned, things growing in a bunker are not part of the hazard.  So you really don't need to even consider the note under R13-4.  There is no penalty for touching the grass in a bunker with your club, and even if the grass were in the confines of the bunker, no penalty for grounding your club on the grass.   13/2 Status of Tree in Bunker   Q.Is...
  OB on #6, a long Par 3, has robbed me the opportunity to win the club championship......twice. 
 Development.  Arnold Palmer design.  Not as bad as it sounds, but wayward shots will be penalized.
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