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How about this, hit the first ball as practice, hit a second ball, you're now dq'd, start a new round with a third ball.
Samsung sells more phones than apple and there are more android os phones sold then ios phones. That alone tells me most people don't have iPhones. Some people still have basic phones and a few have no phone at all.So this is not a product for the "golf world". It's a product most golfers can't use.
.iOS market share is around 20%, most people don't have an iPhone. 20%Like I said.
Was out there a couple weeks ago formthe first time to visit my daughter, left the clubs home. Damn that place is hot all day and all night. Did not see anyone on the courses during the day...
Gave the club house a call. I'm going to UPS them the club.
This is prob the third club I've found on course and the first time someone has not come back looking for it. The one time I forgot a club it was picked up by a group behind me when I went back looking for it. I assumed this was standard practice but this is my first year playing so Im learning as I go.
I'm surprised you think more people have them than don't.
Last month I squeezed in a round while out of town for some work training. Early in the back nine I picked up a wedge left near the green side bunker. I tossed it inmy bag expecting the owner to realize they were missing a club and come back to look for it. No one ever came back and in the rush to finish the round before dark I forgot the club was in there and didn't remember until I saw it once I got back home. I guess I should have left it at the club house at the end...
No matter how much I hate playing it off the dirt, I leave it there. I know where the bare spots are on the courses I play. If I don't want to play it off the dirt,I shouldn't hit it onto the dirt.
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