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 Well, if he didn't pick up a wedge the last 6 months then he lied in the ESPN article I linked to. It seems the shank out of the bunker on Wednesday into the crowd may not have been on purpose.  In fairness to TW, I can't imagine being that intense for 30+ years, to be the best in the world, and then start to wear out physically and mentally from being under the spotlight for so long. I can't imagine being that disciplined in a sport like golf that is so much mental for...
First of all, he is full of shit as has pretty much been usual for the past several years, while the fanboys lap it up waiting for the return of their hero armed with his latest swing:   http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/12236940/tiger-woods-says-driving-ball-far-was-15-years-ago   Several thousands of chips, and it is better now? It actually looked just as bad as it did in December, maybe worse. I'm sure it was better in his backyard. Just like all the other previous...
One of the best rounds ever, especially in those conditions, and all the discussion is about Dan Jenkins and Tiger Woods while the crickets chirp here. Fantastic round by Jordan. Says alot about the 'fans' of golf here. 
Well he's got to try to get back ahead after all those taxes he pays. 
Scott has a history of this shaky putting even recently. Obviously the 2012 Open, but even last year I remember a lot of short missed putts at the Masters on Sunday. Last year at the Australian Masters where Rory beat him, he missed a lot of 5-10 foot putts that would have won him the tournament going away. Now this, with the inexcusable though so predictable miss of short put on 16 and the 63 putts on the weekend.
 Maybe Jason Day and Henrik Stensen.
 I thought when you wrote and struck threw the racist implication stuff it was a play to show how reasonable Tiger fans are. No, I didn't feel you made the comment about me. No worries, take care.
 Maybe so, but the troll's prey doesn't know who they are apparently. Calling people racist, knuckle draggers, or whatever that make a comment about Woods is what I am talking about.
 I just slammed Mickelson. Players throwing clubs and getting pissed off doesn't bother me. I think most of the Tiger slamming is trolling because his fans are such an easy mark. I like it when Chamblee for example says something about him, knowing I will get hours of amusement from the screeching in here.
 I think he is probably gripping on his diminished skills that come with age. I just don't buy that the swing coach can do much about a 38 year old Tiger Woods figuring out how to overcome his mental issues. I don't think I look at it as deeply as you. On the course he is on his own, and how he responds is up to him. That being said, I do think that Steve Williams leaving had a bigger impact than can be measured.
New Posts  All Forums: