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This is hilarious. Guy shows up and with his first post writes some BS like this. And then some of you respond as if he is serious. lol.
 I wrote you may be a troll. Your posts are so over the top it makes me think you are just trying to get a rise out of people, in an clever way. Look at this post for example, it's so full of BS about Rory and laden with irrelevant BS about TW and DJ that it just screams troll. Yeah, it's like JS has an army of boy scouts following him around and DJ has animal house. Lump in that other thread you started about your out of shape ass not being catered to at the PGA and it...
 He is apparently some 50 something dude with a mancrush on somebody less than half his age. And, walking around on a golf course is hard, or something. That being the case, I suggest you steer clear for your own sanity.. Either that or he is a troll. 
  I corrected my lazy description to complacent. Please keep up, unless your goal is to paint me in then the worst light which is cool, I can handle that. But, I'm just pointing out there was a blip in your binary code that caused you to miss that earlier post. Let's now see if this is how conversation works. From the man himself: http://www.irishtimes.com/sport/golf/magnificent-rory-mcilroy-seals-the-deal-at-quail-hollow-1.2216020  So, he admits he got complacent after...
Yes he is streaky, though I would characterize it a little more than a few months off and on. The reason for this is what was being debated.
Whatever.A player of his caliber doesn't play like he played for that 1.5 years. A player of his caliber shouldn't have streaks like he did this year before the U.S. Open I believe with those MCs.My comment is that Jordan going to number one will give him motivation. I base my comment on his past. If you feel otherwise then that's great. You can win. :).
My apologies, I should have used the word complacent instead of lazy. As for his Nike contract, he signed that at the end of 2012 and about 1.5 years of AWOL followed. Whatever was going on in his head at the time trumped playing up to his potential. That's all I'm saying.
 His contract with Nike is incentive laden? I actually think Rory is kinda lazy and rests on his laurels. He is so talented it comes easy for him at times. Spieth going to number one will give him the motivation he needs.
Who listens to this crap? "You can break rocks"? I won't buy one of their watches just because of this stupid song, being repeated over and over.    I remember when this commercial came out earlier in the year, then it went away. I thought it had been retired but now it is back. Maybe they shelved it when he was hurt.   And BTW, why would I want to rent a car from National when they jam down our throats some arrogant prick acting condescending to the peons? 
 I know what he did on 16. I watched it just like you. You wrote:  OK, so you think he would have won the US Open if he didn't double bogey 16. These are your words, not mine. Whatever you want to think, but I think you are wrong.  If JS wouldn't have double bogeyed 17 Grace would not have won. If DJ doesn't flame out Grace wouldn't have won. The lowest 72 hole score wins. IF my dog had a square ass he would shyt bricks. We can play this all day long. 
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