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 Yes, VD exhibits alot of symptoms. So does Victor Dubuisson. 
  LOL. This guy thinks TW approves of the traitor racist flag because he has been silent about it. Bubba spouts religious BS all the time and comes out against the traitor racist flag, thus he is a bigot. .  It's a confusing time between the ears of newnoggin. 
 French is a race now? And you accuse an introvert of Asperger syndrome? But, be easy on Chris P. He's probably never been to France, and if he did he was probably pissed off at the service. Foxnews has alot of influence. 
 I agree. How he shot that score on Sunday on that course in those conditions makes zero sense, especially considering how well he played the first two days. I have read in places people complaining about his brother being the caddy, basically bringing nothing to the table. I think there is something to that.  I was at work today in and out of meetings, but I was able to catch lunch at a sports bar and watched Jordan sink the putt on 16. I would have bet alot of $ at that...
OK, thanks. 
 Does anybody else have it right now on ESPN? My comcast guide says it is supposed to be on but it's not, just sportscenter. ??????
 Oh no, don't do that!  Grab some popcorn and enjoy!
 Thanks for the heads up, I've done enough studying. I don't put BS up in front of me to hide my real character, though.  Yes, northern invaders part of the same country, who decided no more slavery. That's what the war was about, all this other is BS and a crutch and dog whistles to get the useful idiot racist redneck base of the GOP fired up.  I don't like Bubba Watson. I think he is petulant and fake, and a whiner. But, I applaud what he is doing here. Anything that...
 What difference does it make? Regardless of when it was made or all of this other deflection, it represents rebellion against the US over the right to have slaves. All this other BS is used to cloud the issue. The flag represents traitors to the US over slavery. All this 'heritage' BS is just that, except the 'heritage' is longing for the days of slavery and racism. 
Is this part of the 'process'? How about being part of 'getting reps'? Did he 'rebaseline' from LV to Amanda? Has he 'been thru this before'? What does puppet Begay say? 
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