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  My post was in response to the earlier one about Reed, and who would win if all showed up with their A games. My point is that nobody can play better than Fowler did last Sunday, in that circumstance. As I write this somebody on the Web.com is gunning for a 59. Different circumstance. Of course Fowler's was only over the back 9 and playoff, not the whole round. Yes, Rory is consistently better than Fowler or anybody else, that is why he is ranked higher. 
 Yeah, how soon we forget. I would put that stretch in that circumstance above anything I have ever seen on the course. To say Rory's best is better than that is insane. 
 Really, she's smoking hot but she is skinny as hell. When they showed her from the side when she and Fowler were walking away after the win, she looked like one of those things from War of the Worlds crawling along the street, zapping shit. I was waiting for a zapping noise and a taser coming from her nose, and that douchebag Poulter turning to dust. 
 In the earlier post Watson was quoted as criticizing Woods for his on course antics. If he would have been criticizing him for his adultery, you and all the other knee-jerk TW defender fanboys would have a point.  Why don't you tell us why he dislikes TW? I think I get it. Does it fall along the same lines and accusations that were thrown at the ones in here that thought he should have been DQ'd in the Masters that year, which in fact over 50% of a poll of professionals...
On a positive note I learned what shamanism is. This Ferguson guy is trolling big time, and some of you have hooks all in your mouth.  lol. Classic. 
We've heard all of this before. All that matters is what happens starting Thursday. He has shown the past several years the inability to perform in majors, especially on the weekends. It's all between the ears. I still say he will stink it up then an injury will appear. 
 New Dufner theme song: I've been run down and I've been lied to.And I don't know why, I let that mean woman make me a fool.She took all my money, wrecked my new car.Now she's with one of my good time buddies,They're drinkin' in some cross-town bar. Sometimes I feel, sometimes I feel,Like I've been tied to the whippin' post.Tied to the whippin' post, tied to the whippin' post.Good Lord, I feel like I'm dyin. My friends tell me, that I've been such a fool.But I had to stand...
 I read the quote and the article from the OP. Whatever, it's what alot of people think.  Amazing that he can hit hundreds of balls and tear it up in practice, with no mention of pain, according to his "insiders" and Notah "Sock Puppet" Begay. This whole thing is a joke. 
Kudos for DiMarco telling it like it is. Brandel also speaks truth to the fanboys, which gets them all in a lather.   When Tiger starts spraying it all over the course and chipping it over the green next week, then his back will start hurting or his glutes will deactivate. 
 Yeah, and now he is on the apology train about not being a good role model. Makes me want to puke. 
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