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Fire hips for me is a pulling sensation with my left hip, towards target and up behind me.Low hands is a swing thought to me as I tend to have high hands leading to thin shots
When I lose distance it's because my hands are high (waist height feeling only). On the down swing I get the feeling of dropping my hands about 4 - 6 inches lower, below waist. I get much better strike and distance. Remember this is what I feel and might not be 100% real.Are you adding loft to your club by opening it on back swing? Making you PW more of a LW?
when looking for distance or max out a club, my 2 thoughts are fire the hips and keep my hands low. works for me, might not be for everyone though
looking for some advice here. not exactly sure whats happening but i seem to have developed a sway in the putter head during the stroke. if i line up a series of tees opposite to each other in a line and stroke the putter through them, i crashed into them constantly. it must be something in my set up, any ideas?
Miss is normally a hook
can over swinging the club on the back swing have an effect on your transition? i have a fault where i tend to lunge into the ball with my upper body. ive tried loads of drills etc and although it is getting better i still do it a bit. my mate recorded my swing today and i noticed that i take the club too far back and was wondering if this could be the root cause. never reviewed the video until i got home so not had a chance to try anything out. if this is the cause,...
Another update.   2 obvious faults are lunging forward a bit (face on), slight early extension (dtl)   any tips to avoid would be appreciated    
updated using GC2, trackman and 3bays GSA (average carry's). also changed my irons, bit less distance, much more accuracyDriver 242 yards3 Wood 227 yards5 wood 218 yards3 hybrid 1955 iron 1816 iron 1707 iron 1538 iron 1449 iron 130PW 119AW 50 deg 98 yardsLW 54 deg 83SW 60 deg 75all swings at reasonable tempo (not trying to kill it)."kill it" distances - take at least 50 yards off each club
simple answer is keep your head behind the ball, loosen your grip and accelerate through the shot
Played a full round on Saturday. Scored 76 on a par 72 and to be honest it could have easily been 72. im blaming the greens for a couple of missed birdie putts within 5 feet and a couple of 3 putts as the greens have been forked and sanded so a bit bumpy. played 9 holes yesterday and was 2 over, same again - 3 putted the first from 8 feet due to bumpy greens. both days my ball striking has been the best its ever been. i go to the range tonight and my ball contact and...
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