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I went out and bought a 4 wood 17 degree Razr Fit Xtreme this year.  I am hitting it much more consistently from all lies.  It is just easier to hit than my 15 degree Callaway Diablo.   I am more than happy to accept whatever distance loss there MIGHT be in exchange for the better strike.  I am hitting it straighter and higher while the 3 wood was a scary slice at times off of the turf.  It is working out well for me.  
Thanks for the info guys. I ordered the set with xp95. I'm excited for my first set of custom clubs. We'll see how I score in a few weeks. I will blame the clubs either way.
Pardon, the fitter recommended S300.   I realize Dynamic Gold and True Temper XP95 both are available in S300. 
Both said I could use a stiff shaft. My x-18s were a uniflex shaft.
I was recently fitted for irons.  After hitting several irons at a retailer I think I would like to buy the AP1.  My previous irons were x-18s.  714's come with stock XP95.  It seems like that is a pretty light shaft.  Should I go with the Dynamic gold S300 in lieu of the XP95 S300? Would I even feel any difference as an amateur?  Should I consider KBS?   I average in the mid 80's and hit my 7 iron about 165 yards.  With my regular shafts I hit a high ball flight.  My...
Is buying off the rack(online to be more honest) and making an adjustment to lie angle a viable option?
From what I have read, a half inch in height only translates to about a degree of lie.  It seems a little like splitting hairs.  Part of my swing or the turf could easily vary well in excess of one degree. No?
 To be honest I've played cheap gear and high end stuff and I don't buy into the technology of it all vs the marketing sales pitch.  I've played just as well with rusty old Ben Hogan blades as I have with brand new R11's when my focus was in the right place. I see some decent clubs that set up nicely to my eye and equipment I am used to for as little as $299.  Albeit, I want to upgrade from a uniflex or regular to a stiffer shaft which all fitters have recommended as...
In November year my clubs were stolen out of my car. So, I am in the market for a new set.  But, I don't feel like spending two grand at this point to get my dream set.   I'm 6'1 and my knuckle to floor measurement is 34 inches.   I'm playing 6 years and have threatened to break 80 a few times, but have not.  I have yet to blame any of my clubs.  :-)   I've spoken to fitters in the past and all seem to think I can buy the rack or take the extra 1/2 inch of club and...
I'm not completely opposed to the idea, but it represents a major change for me.3 years ago I read Putt to Win and have been using Stockton's no practice putt approach to putting.On a side note, I don't practice enough. After that round I put in some time and have seen much better putting. Not to make excuses, but the course in question has a practice green that is only two years old and is way too slow leaving me to often avoid it as it does not represent the greens on...
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