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yeah it does help.
man sorry about that. should be ok now
Here is the swing. Sorry that the angle of the camera is not straight on I had trouble lining it up.
Workin on getting a video of my swing now. would really like a critique.
Tried some short swings today with hands and weight forward at impact. Then tried a full swing and both go about the same distance. Guess i need to be patient and lengthen the swing gradually
got it. tried some of the drill in the videos with and iron without a ball and a slower swing, got a six inch straight divot with weight and hands forward at impact.
Should i also try to have my weight forward with my hands in front of the club at impact with the driver also?
This is kind of a funny way to think about it. But at one point when my hip turn was better, it felt like at the start of my downswing i was doing that old dance the twist.  so in your head think of that dance when you start your downswing. Ha Ha. It may work.
That is exactly what i need to do, the videos helped. I have never tried the full swing slowly. I get the mechanics just need to do the drills in the videos. thanks sk
no not much of a divot. getting hands in front of club at impact is important i know. just seems like the only way i can do it is with that short swing.
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