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Howdy,   A practice facility with a fairway bunker is few and far between.  Unfortunatly I end up in fairway bunkers once every couplee of rounds, and they sure are a tough shot.   So would anyone know of a facility in the Orlando,FL area?   -Dan
Question, would a nice tacky grip give someone the confidence to relax their kungfu grip on the club? My brother holds the club to darn hard, he needs some motivation. Or a swift kick in the read!
I try to practice more, but sometimes i'll catch myself playing quite often when I should be  on the pitching/putting green.
Tell us how you rreally feel?  
Never had the pleasure of visiting Lanai when I lived on da Rock.   You like one island native, yeah? I hope go back dakine bumbai, i mss dat place.   Shootz!   Btw I'm a haole so I never sounder right talking pidgin.  Man i miss coco puffs from liliha bakery.  
I picked up a box one day because they didn't have anymore B330 RX-s in stock.  They weren't a bad ball, personally I just prefer something a little softer. They seemed a little hard to me, then again I may have been drinking that day?  Kidding
I watched the video and it helped me a tad bit, but i think it destroyed my prior swing style. Sadly now everytime i blast an iron, i come down very steep and dig a two foot whole in front of where the ball was. I still get a solid shot, but feel like im loosing distance and enery expenditure?   /shurgs
For me its the opposite. Fairway woods are the only club I can't hit in my bag. Even off the tee i think i hit my 3 out to in and slice, where my driver is straight down the ol'fairway every time.   Odd!      
The short game bible certainly has helped me a ton. it really solidified the need for spending a lot of time practicing my short game and in turn has urged me to spend more time with my putting.   Dave's technical savvy also helped me understand the ins and outs around the green.   I give it 3.5 out of 4 stars.
Your welcome and forgive all my typos. It was late   Also, when i said ignorance, i just meant without knowledge. Somehow here in america due to certain social circumstances, the word "ignorance" is often protrayed as something derogatory. I was just trying to share what i had learned from someone as well.   Have a great thursday/friday.   -Dan
New Posts  All Forums: