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Cool! Another guy who hits all his clubs longer than the longest tour pros! But is an 18 handicap!
Post your swing it's easy peasy.
You win the internet then, congratulations!
I will almost always ask to play through, I too hate slow play, and I can live with it as long as finishing the round isn't on the line. I play so much though I'm almost always playing the cheap late tee and when I know some retards have no chance to finish before dark I become a real *******. I'll often yell, show obvious signs etc and even stupid people figure it out soon enough. Had a real tense play through yesterday with two guys that had no interest in finishing....
My lowest putt total in history, been playing about 2.5 years. Shot an 82 today at Bridlewood 71.7/131 about 6600 yards. I usually average 36 putts a round. I've worked heavily on ball striking the last year and my GIR is around 9. Today oddly found 7, granted a fee were very close. Stupid first hole triple playing through some high school team walking, hit a side hill lie approach OB. I'm thinking of finally starting to carry a handicap. Usually I'm rushing around as I'm...
Why do you say that? What am I missing?
Sorry hitting 240-250 off the tee I just don't believe if you can't hit a driver. If you can hit a 2i 350 3w should be 300 all day just snap your current driver in half and throw it I'm the trash you should play scratch tomorrow.
Loft isn't for everyone, I recently moved away from a callaway xhot 9.5, was simply launching too high between 14-16 degrees, and hated playing into the wind. Picked up an R1 after playing with an sldr and r1, and now play it at 8* and 2 degrees open and have been LOVING IT. I gained about 5% carry and 10% more roll, as my backspin was in the 2200 range vs 3000 with the xhot.
I don't use my 5W a ton, it's usually my go for it in 2 on Part 5 club, rarely will I ever use 3W on those situations as if I'm 260ish out I usually don't risk it. I like the 5W off the tee is tricky landing zones as it flies super high and lands soft, it's more forgiving than an iron distance wise too on mishits
I'd lose a club physically because I'd have to carry 3-PW instead of 4-PW, one extra... means I'd have to ditch a wedge or wood. My distance gap is perfect now. The 4i is so strong it's 220, 5w 235. So if i went to 3-pw, 3W, 3i = 220, but no 5W, which would really hurt it seems.
New Posts  All Forums: