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I am guessing that if these tournaments (smaller fields or invitationals) did not come with world ranking points guys would be less inclined to play in them. Making the tournaments less appealing. If my memory is correct this tournament meets the minimum criteria for WRP to be available...18 players that are all ranked in the top 50.  
My score was 38.   4. I'm not a big fan of pre-shot routines. If it were up to me I would hit before my partners ball had landed.    6. Does anyone like a high-scoring round?...really?
"Suspended?! Kick her off the tour Doug!"Sorry I was way off topic but I couldn't help myself.
No insults coming from me. I think you have a very good point. Think about it from a numbers perspective. There is a lot more people on Earth than there was back then. And, they are playing for a lot more money. Now I understand that not all of the people on the planet are vying for a spot on the PGA tour. But I'll bet the number has grown exponentially for the same 125 spots.   
Tiger Woods -8 Jordan Speith -8 Rickie Fowler -7   "I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver".
It's a fart joke...think about it.
Shut up %sshole.
Bounce can certainly be your friend. My 58 degree has 22 degrees of bounce and the way that it is designed it is extremely easy to lay open and play floppy pitches. There are a number of discussions on this site regarding this topic. Look for the ones with @mvmac and @iacas hitting flop shots off a green.
Tiger Woods -11 Adam Scott -11 Phil Mickelson -11
I'm just glad that I remember to make some picks this week. I slipped from from 5th to 15th because I didn't log in on time...oops
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