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Let me see how close I can come to tomorrows answers.   TW "The bump really was not that hard. As many of you were aware thanks to your close up photos (Tiger's attempt at humor) the tooth was not doing well. The doc was trying to get me to remove it for years. I don't listen well to docs (more Tiger humor). The tooth broke just below the gum line and did not hurt. The last thing I wanted to do was take any attention away from Linsey so I just had Stieny call my dentist...
@sunned123 This some impressive improvement! I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. Was the simulator Trackman/Fightscope or is it one that you have been on before to establish a base line? When I or anyone is doing this training you are moving the sticks as fast as you can. Were you going as hard as you could in the the simulator? Or was it more your normal effort. Do you notice much difference in dispersion or ball flight? 
I am going with Phil. The word Butch tipped me off. Plus, I do not see traj, reps, or release patterns so I did not pick Woods. 
After my first session I jumped right into the Balance, Core Stability, and Power programs. Right now I am doing the program 3 times a week on Sunday (Core Stability), Wednesday(Balance) and Friday (Power). I knew that if I did just the Level 1 Training Protocol I would get bored quickly. To be honest the additional exercises in the 3 protocols are not that difficult but the change each day keeps things interesting. Each exercise calls for just 5 reps the key is to put...
  I tried swings tonight with the halogen light on and off. I did not pick up any significant difference. In fact in the ten swings that I measured (5 with normal light 5 with the halogen) my fastest swing was with the normal light. The good news is that I have seen a small amount of progress in each session. 
I am doing the training in my basement so the lighting is not great.However, I do have a halogen light that I use to record swings with my phone. My next training is on Friday so I'll do some experimenting with it on and off. And you are right about the feedback it is giving. The numbers do not seem to vary much so while they may not be perfect I believe I can still track progress. For example, when I focus on the work that I have done with @golfevolution which is getting...
I completely agree not to mention hasn't this story already run a number of times. I know he does not give up as much information as people would like but recycling these old stories is getting old. Tell me if you have heard these before... "Tiger is a lousy tipper" "Tiger needs more reps" "Tiger needs more rest" "It's his short game" "It's his swing" "He need to play golf not golf swing"
Ok, I am in as well. I received the equipment a couple of days ago and finished my second session tonight. So far, I enjoy the workout. I figure at the  very least this will keep my swinging while the snow is on the ground. The last time I was in Erie my swing speeds were 100-102 and my goal is to see if I can improve to 105 to 110. Measuring at home is something I am still trying to figure out. I have a Swing Speed Radar but the numbers seem to be a bit low. For example,...
Thanks @cedrictheo it may be a good thing that I am short. =)
How long are the clubs? I am wondering if I could use them in my basement.
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