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Tiger Woods -11 Adam Scott -11 Phil Mickelson -11
I'm just glad that I remember to make some picks this week. I slipped from from 5th to 15th because I didn't log in on time...oops
@iacas I'll meet you at the Peace bridge....
I recently made a decision to make an upgrade to the clubs in my bag. I have some rather lofty goals for this season and wanted to make sure that my clubs were not going to be working against me. In my recent work with Dave Wedzik and Erik Barzeski at GOLF EVOLUTION it became apparent that I could not create the proper launch conditions with my current driver. I also had some questions about the irons that I played. After a pretty exhaustive search and decided to schedule...
1. Masters 2. US Open 3. British Open (yes, I still like to identify that as the British) 4. Ryder Cup 5. Accenture Match Play (with a decent field)   I would put the PGA on this list if it went back to match play.
Thank you for your thoughts and ideas I appreciate you guys taking the time to post your ideas. Most of the events that I will help over see are member only events but our pro shop does collect score cards. It seems that the biggest challenge will be finding the balance between keeping tournament fields full and having the scoring as accurate as possible. If I can't get any of your ideas to fly I'll just keep voting to play scratch with the flight.
I was recently elected to the members board at the club that I belong. One of the reasons I ran was because I was sick of seeing tournament net scores that were statistically I'll say "improbable". After discussion at my first board meeting it became apparent that the biggest problem is getting people to post all of the scores that they should post. I know there's been a couple discussions on what should be and should not be posted but I think that's a different topic....
Taylor Made really seems to be pushing the idea of 17 degrees of launch with 1700 RPM's. As a person who resently found that he is launching the ball to low I'm interested to hear more  about this 17-17 idea. It seems a bit general to me but I'm no fitting expert.
I was looking to set up my roster tonight and I noticed that there are players you can choose that are not playing the Sony (Tiger for example). This is my first fantasy golf league is this common or am I in the wrong area?
This may be too obvious but I need to hit more greens per round and the greens that I'm hitting the shots need to be closer to the hole. My best rounds tend to include many pars, not many bogeys and not many birdies. My rounds that aren't so good and have less GIR's and more bogeys and I never have enough birdies to offset. And if I start making doubles…=\
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