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Must have been having a cocaine flashback...
      Concur.....Yawn.....Boom shakalaka...
I'm curious...If there was no racial intent, then why the need for an apology? 
                    If ANC allows woods to curse up a storm, spit and kick clubs, they should allow McCord to describe the speed of the greens.
I never said I said that I had class. What I said was that Eldrick has no class....
You are correct..I am biased. Eldrick is a public figure and should be a role model for millions of kids. Instead, he squanders it all and his family for some strange. This latest fiasco serves to reinforce what many already know..Eldrick is a loser. One of the guys at work put it best..he said, "I want to see Tiger come in second in every tournament for the rest of his life."...so do I.  Eldrick is not in Adam Scott's league and never will be.
Eldrick cost both of you the tournament.
Eldrick knew exactly what he was doing..he admitted that he moved two yards back in order to "dial in" his next shot. Whether the Committee was right or wrong is irrelevant. There was a clear rules violation in that act. Had he DQ'd himself, he would have demonstrated a modicum of integrity, but since he has none..he didn't.  As a result of this fiasco, the question of "who's the best golfer of all time" has been answered..Jack Nicklaus.
Concur!..Took my son there 10 years ago..Rude, arrogant instructor, very condescending and could not even demo the shot he was trying to teach. After paying the $360 per hr rate, I had second thoughts and canceled payment of the check. I called Haney to tell him of my experience..and he started yelling at me..Whenever he comes on the GC, I change channels....never, never again will I have anything to do with those losers.
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