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Thanks all. Yes the club is authentic nike and was brought from a golf shop. So it's genuine. My swing speed is around 95 with the driver. I hit the ball cleanly and don't hit towards the hosel. Most are clean hits.   driver will be sent back to nike. I did see an old thread with comments similar to mine
Hi All,   Around 2 years ago, I replaced my old Taylor Made clubs with a new set of Nike.  The first driver I had was the Str8 Fit Nike VR, 9.5 degree. I had this club six months and when I teed off the club split on the shaft down near the hosel and the graphite was splintered, I took this back to the shop and they replaced it with a Nike VR Pro 10.5 which I was happy with.   Anyway I have had the VR Pro since December, since then I have played roughly 20...
I tried the Titleist DT Solo was not a fan.   I might try the Callaway Hex Chrome, which seems to get good reviews, may also try the TM Rocketballz or potentially Nike's new One RZN 3 piece ball when it comes out.  Or the Nike PD soft, much cheaper and the way im losing balls at the moment could be a good idea.   I still have a heap of Penta TP5 to use, the Prov1x I gave to a friend of mine, I was really losing these particularly off the tee, where the Penta...
Hi All,   In the past I had played with the Bridgestone E6 and the Srixon Q Star, due to the greenside performance I have been playing the Prov1x and the Penta TP5.   I found my short game much improved, the issue I have is that my swing has gone slightly off especially off the driver, I find particularly with the Prov1x it really makes my slice and off centre hits really offline, the Penta is not as bad, but obviously at the cost of these balls and the amount I...
I just removed the price tags off my clubs essentially I just removed the stickers by my hands fingernails then removed the sticky adhesive with some baby oil as advised in another post worked well and looks much better.
My driver Nike driver broke 2 weeks ago at the same spot on the shaft it essentially split only had the club 6 months was interested to see this thread seems the straight fit ones seem to have an issue breaking at this spot.
Hi There, When I was loosing 4-5 per round, I was playing the Gamer V2 also, now after using the Penta TP5 and or Pro V1, I could not go back, so if I started to lose 4 a round, I would go back to the Penta, can get them $33 for a dozen, definitely would move away from my Prov1 if I was losing 4-5 per round. I maybe lose 1 or 2 a round now, played yesterday and only lost one, no idea where it went, have a suspicion someone picked it up
I have the same issue on my clubs have the price tag labels on the shafts of the wedges woods etc its a pain to remove and then to get the adhesive off I'll try some of these tips see how it goes Thanks
Hi All, More recently I have been playing premium golf balls and it has really improved my game along with my regular golf lessons. I was hitting the prov1x which I liked but I much prefer the taylor made penta tp5 I really enjoy this ball and love the soft feel. Is the regular prov1 as soft as the penta tp5. The x version is not as soft as the penta but I am wondering if the prov1 has similar feel to the penta Thanks
Yeah I'd like to know the science too. Titleist say one thing on their web page re compression it's quite a good read I'm sure you have read that too. Bridgestone and srixon have opposing views have not seen anything from the factually on their web pages At the end of the day who really knows what's what. Clever marketing most of the time which is why most here say play what feels and works right for you. That's most important I don't think we will ever get a definitive...
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