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I played Beachwood in North Myrtle Beach last week (68.8 / 117) and shot a 101 (45/56). I feel like I play 9 holes so often, I'm basically useless on the back 9 any time I play 18. Highlight of the day was a birdie on #8. It was playing 155 and I put my 5i pin high about 20 feet away. Drained the putt and it made my day.
70.6 / 137 - par 72 Friday: 45 Saturday: 113 (53/60) Amazing how so much can change over 24 hours. On Friday I decided to start the round only teeing off with my 3w and I was able to keep the ball in play off the tee every time. I had great results with it and kept with that on Saturday. On Friday I had 1 penalty, on Saturday I had 9 and most were off the tee. After such a good day, it was hard to play 18 on Saturday.
Glad to hear it's helping you. Are you supposed to place the ball forward in your stance still, as you would a driver, or in the middle like the rest of your clubs?
I got my handicap re-established this week, I'm expecting 20+ when it updates. Which is fine by me, give me a real number to work with and I'll go from there. The course I play these days is pretty tough, so I suspect even high 40s will drop me down to what I was in 2012 when I was shooting low 40s at the easier course. I basically look at it like if I can play well at my new course, I can play well most anywhere else.
Certainly better than the last two outings. My driver is still off, but I definitely found a little something to help me along the way. I simply needed to slow down my swing. It did wonders, even though the scorecard doesn't show it all that well. It helped me lower my penalties (6 in 9 holes yesterday) on second shots. My putting was OK, there were a few "wtf" moments, but overall I was pleased. If I can get my driver a little straighter, or maybe start using my...
You can get those made for you. Go get a fitting and you'll go though that process.
55 -- 35.3/137 -- 2 FIR, 0 GIR, 17 putts, 2 sand shots, 6 penalties Another poor showing. It all started with my inability to put the ball in play off the tee. That, and every approach I attempted seemed to push 20 yards to the right (open face, it wasn't turning). It just wasn't good, at all. I had a few nice chips and the weather was really nice. I need to spend some quality time on the range and try to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Oh, and I got my handicap...
They're all over priced in OBX, but I agree on Kilmarlic and The Pointe. Both are $70 (or have been the last few summers). The Pointe is definitely an easier course. In Corolla, there's only one course and it's pricey (~$125 I believe), I haven't made that plundge.
56 - 35.3 / 137 First time playing in the club's Thursday evening league, also playing back a set of tees from what I'm used to. While I played really poorly, the penalties were mostly on my second shots (go figure), I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed playing in the league and while I was nervous going into it that I'd be so much worse than everyone else, I was surprised that I wasn't that far off. Some of the guys were really good but there were also guys in the high 40s...
Just the other day my friend nailed a house on his drive. It hit so hard I wasn't sure it hit a house. Sure enough, the people that lived there were waiting as we approached the landing zone, all sorts of pissed off. I understand not being happy your house just got drilled, but damn, you live in the landing zone on a fairway. It's going to happen, handle it better.
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