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Reported, or actual? Seriously though, I'm surprised I actually haven't fallen off more than I have. I'm not an 18, but I'm not that far away either.
Yes, I did. I tried to go into the website last night under my previous GHIN number, and it said I was inactive. I'm curious if they'll simply reactivate that number/account.
Back in 2012 I joined the VSGA eClub, which gave me an official handicap index. I didn't play much in 2013 and didn't renew that membership. I've just recently joined a local golf club which offers a handicapping service. I'll certainly talk to them about getting that set up, but I'm curious how this might work if anyone has had a similar situation. Will I simply add my new scores since the last time I had an opportunity to post them, and it will calculate my handicap...
Certainly true. I was mostly just joking on myself, but I do need to walk sometimes for the exercise.
You guys make me feel like a whimp for taking a cart every time. And I mostly play 9 holes.
I don't see it as a race either, but when I'm constantly starting and stopping, it greatly affects my rhythm which affects my game.
It happens, and it sucks. Happened to me this past weekend where I ended up behind a foursome, and basically just had to play as slow as I could and still wait between holes. There was never anyone behind me and I could never tell if there was anyone in front of them.
Very cool indeed. I intend to play in my club's tournaments this season, just for the experience of getting out there in an organized fashion. Thanks for sharing.
My thoughts exactly.
Hmm, it was an odd outing. It felt awful as I played, and somehow I didn't shoot 55+. Unusual for me, I got to the course and didn't play straight away. It was packed when I got there, so I grabbed a bucket and headed to the driving range. I can't say I had anything specific in mind I was doing, mostly just swinging and loosening up. I went back to the clubhouse, hung out for a little bit, and once it appeared the 1st hole cleared up, I headed out for 9. I caught a...
New Posts  All Forums: