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I worry about taking a club somewhere and having them "adjust" it, simply because I've never done it, don't really understand it, and I'd hate to ruin my first new club in 15 years. :) I think fittings/adjustments/etc are something I need to learn more about and understand.I do plan to get a video put together for the member swings forum. Where I am, I'm inconsistent but I guess that won't change the type of feedback I get to improve. I'll do that soon, maybe tomorrow...
I picked up the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 (used, $129 from Global Golf) to replace my aging driver from a boxed set I bought in '96. The first thing I noticed was just how large the club head is. It's probably twice the size of my previous driver, and feels even larger. I hit a few bad shots off the driving range tee and was forgiven far more than I would have been with my old driver. For someone with my experience and skill, I think the idea of making the bad shots "less...
Those are great deals!  This morning I ended up buying a Burner 2.0 for $129 from Global Golf (http://www.globalgolf.com/product/golfclub/-/sku--1019741-abn/driver/taylor-made/burner-superfast-20.aspx?gd=3&cdt=3).  I hit it at Dick's and it felt pretty good, especially compared to what I have now.  I'll give eBay a look as I start the search for irons.
Absolutely, and I'm very skeptical of any machine like that in a store trying to sell me the product in question. :)  I do think it will add distance for me, maybe not to 240-250, but definitely better than what I'm getting now.  My ~200 with my current driver is an estimate, as I'm not entirely sure how far I'm getting with it currently.  
1. Replace my entire set of clubs.  The ones I have were given to me in 1996. 2. Play 20 rounds of golf (I'll count 9-hole rounds as 0.5). 3. Break 90 on a par 72. 4. Break 85 on my local course (par 66). 5. Bring my handicap below 25. 6. Improve my putting.  It's the area where I feel like I can drop the most strokes. 7. Improve my overall ball striking consistency.  Likely to be accomplished along with my scoring and handicap goals.
I'm in a similar situation right now.  I have a Dunlop driver that came in a boxed set from WalMart in 1996, the set that I'm using to this day.  My driver currently gets me about 200-215 yards on the course.  I'm evaluating new club options and I've hit a few drivers at Dick's over the last few days.  I hit the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 today, and according to their monitor I was hitting 240-250 yards.  I have a decently low swing speed (~70-80 mph) which seems to give me...
Excellent read, thank you very much.
Yesterday I played for the first time in nearly 5 years and shot a 96 (par 66).  I felt good about the day and had a couple of really good shots.  On one hole, my 2nd shot on a par 4 from 200 yards (poor driver, indeed) landed about 20 feet from the hole.  Probably my best shot ever. :)   I learned that I simply need more consistency in my swing. I also need to work on driving distance and putting.
I'm currently looking over driver options.  Yesterday before I played a round I visited Dick's and hit the TaylorMade Burner 09.  I loved it, felt a million times better than what I'm swinging right now.   However, thanks to this forum, I was turned on to globalgolf for used options. I saw the Burner 2.0 there for the same price as the new Burner 09 ($129 for very good condition).  However, the only loft they have is 13.  Doing some reading suggests this might be...
TheGeekGolfer, thanks for the recommendation on globalgolf.com.  Looking at some of the items you suggested and the prices are quite good.
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