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In addition to what others have already said, another thing to remember is that there's always another round out there. Sure we want to shoot our best every time but tomorrow is another day. You'll get your sub-100 before you know it and won't look back. Enjoy the accomplishment and set a new goal for next time.
94 (+22, 6,347 yards, 69.1/126). This was the second outing of three planned for vacation this week in Myrtle Beach. The greens had recently been punched and were really slow, and my putting was off all day. Notice on every hole I had a GIR I had a par. I need to get more GIR.
I've used most of them and prefer GolfShot by far. It's clean and well done. While the Android app lacks in some of the features the iPhone version has, it's still better than the rest for Android. It's a little pricey at $30, but well worth it and the best $30 I've spent on golf in awhile.
94 (+22, 6,115 yards, 69.8/126). The first of three scheduled outings on my Myrtle Beach vacation. I played OK overall. My putting was great but my general ball striking wasn't very good. I hit a number of fat shots and struggled with driver consistency. It seemed like any time I got a decent drive (read: in the fairway) I would duff an approach, or I'd start with a poor drive and finish the hole well. I couldn't tell you how many strokes I saved putting today. The...
92 (6,137 yards, 69.1/129). Played pretty poorly overall, but I'm happy I was playing golf and happy my net was under par. Today I was partnered up with random people, which seems to have this effect on me. I'm nervous all the way through. Not because I feel like I have to impress or anything. I'm well aware nobody cares. It's just having someone over your shoulder, pushing/slowing my normal flow/pace, etc. It makes me tense and clearly that's not good for my swing....
I've been playing the forward men's tees this year, as it's been my first real season of golf. I'm a 20 hcp, but I've been playing much better than that over the last two months. Recent scores would have me trending towards a ~15-17hcp, as soon as I play enough to remove old scores from May/June. Also, this week I played a new course far longer than I'm used to and had good results with the added distance. For those reasons, today I decided to move back a set of tees...
A dog track I played a lot until recently had a huge issue with geese. Every green and all around the greens were covered. Made for difficult chips and putts.
45 (+8, 36.1/138). This afternoon was my monthly outing with some friends. Two of the guys aren't really into golf, so what we do is let them play best ball (on every shot, putts included) and me and the other guy play separately but average our score after 9 holes to determine which team wins. Fun game to play if you have players who aren't very active in golf. I hadn't played this course previously so in doing my research I realized this course is longer than what...
43 (+8, 32.6/118). Blew up #2 but still shot well to get the 43. Driver is still finding its way in play, which is a pleasant occurrence. Today I just didn't hit enough greens and my scrambling isn't good enough to save par. Had a few really nice shots, including a 4h on the 177 yard par 3 9th which left my ball mark about 1 foot from the cup. Glad to have another outing "under par" with respect to my handicap.
I'm not sure why you think I was referring to you. Maybe I should have quoted the first two posts to be clear.I'm referring to the two brand new people who have all of the information about this new place, never posting anywhere else before or since this thread. Clearly it's advertising but it's subjective apparently. I was told links to commercial sites/products wasn't allowed on TST, after I posted a link to GolfShot in my signature.
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