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There's a particular par 5 at my home course that is reachable in 2 and I always go for it given my drive was good enough. The other 5s are more target based. One has a creek about 125 yards from the green and my 1st shot is never far enough so I generally go 1w-7i-8i to get on. Another bends both left (tee shot) and right (approach shot). There are two huge trees guarding a 2 shot approach so it's tough to maneuver in 2. I should mention that on the 5 I go for, I do...
We refer to money as scratch sometimes.
I would love to play a course that had caddies. I'd do it once just for the experience. I suspect having a caddie who has a lot of experience at a specific course would make for quite an enjoyable round filled with valuable information and interesting stories of their past experiences.
Somewhat related, I should be able to do something similar. I work for myself and go in to the office during normal hours, maybe a little later than most. My normal day looks like 9:30/10am until 4/4:30pm. I'm in software, so I don't really interact with customers in the typical way most do and I'm also completely solo. I genuinely could work in the middle of the night and have no effect from working 9am-5pm. Two nights a week my wife works, so I do have to pick up...
I only use my phone but I'm starting to question its accuracy sometimes. Every so often I'll pop it out and it seems to be significantly off and have to close the app and start it again to resync with the GPS.
Shot a 50 (+14, 34.6/129). Played like crap, again. I played a different course than my usual and played tees which are equivalent to the blues at my home course. It was too long for me today mostly because I was so cautious with my driver and wasn't getting my typical distance. Therefore, I had no GIR. My irons weren't very good again either. My putting is still improving and was pretty good again today, so that's a positive. I was rolling it well and sunk a few...
Congrats on such an awesome trip. My 30th is in September, wouldn't mind trying to do something similar.
I find wedges around the greens constantly. I always put it in my cart, not my bag, and turn it into the pro shop afterwards. I don't put it in my bag simply so I don't forget to turn it in.
49 (+13, 33.5/125). Another awful outing. I had no control over my driver and got lucky quite a few times. My irons were erratic. About the only thing I feel improving right now is my putting. I rolled it well and missed a few by inches. Definitely getting better there and soon they'll start dropping. I've been avoiding it, but it feels like I need to get a few lessons or I'll drive myself crazy.
Some folks have other obligations. I can't be out for 4-5 hours every time, in fact I play 9 2-3 times a week and 18 maybe once every other weekend.
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