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I'm not sure why you think I was referring to you. Maybe I should have quoted the first two posts to be clear.I'm referring to the two brand new people who have all of the information about this new place, never posting anywhere else before or since this thread. Clearly it's advertising but it's subjective apparently. I was told links to commercial sites/products wasn't allowed on TST, after I posted a link to GolfShot in my signature.
Advertise much?
Shot a 40 (+5, 32.6/118). Played really well. My driver was great today. My iron approach shots were great, hit many more GIR than usual. My putting was OK, just couldn't convert a GIR into a birdie and had 3 3-putts. On #5, my drive left me with a 210 yard shot to get on in two. I pulled my 3w and put it to about 12 feet. I couldn't get the eagle but did get the birdie. Going to #8, I was +2. I had a beautiful tee shot which left 175 to the pin. Once I got to my...
45 (+10, 32.6/118). Started off poorly with hooked tee shots and erratic pitches/chips. Tightened up towards the end to finish respectably. I had the most awkward and threatening encounter I've ever had on a golf course today as well, which ended up souring an otherwise enjoyable experience golfing. Maybe I'll start a new thread and give the full story.
Career 9-holes for me this evening. I shot a 40 (+5, 32.6/118), hit every fairway, nearly half the greens, and (barely) averaged less than 2 putts. I was eyeing a 39 but couldn't manage a par over the final two holes. I was around the green on the par 5 8th in 2 shots and ended up with a 6. Oh well, it's hard to complain about a 40. Previous best on the front 9 was a 42. With GolfShot, I generally keep an eye on my net score as I progress through each hole. I knew I...
If I'm you, I'd go for it. Don't buy new equipment or adjust your swing, just go out there with what you have and let it rip. You'd probably be surprised at the results and I'm sure it would be a blast to participate in.
And I couldn't be more jealous...
Thanks for posting his HCP info, definitely looks legit from a CR/slope perspective. I wish he used the actual date he played so you could see how often he was posting round. I've been following Dan for awhile as well and really think what he's doing is awesome. I wish him the best and hope he proves the critics wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: