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Here's the scorecard:
First of all, do you post incomplete rounds?Second, I'm trying to figure out how to post my afternoon round today. I finished 7 and on the 8th tee box the storm rolled in. After 7, I had a 34 with a par 5 and par 3 to finish. Looking at the USGA rules, it says:I'm not entirely sure what the handicap strokes are for those holes. If I'm looking at my scoring app correctly, there is one dot under the 8th handicap space and two dots under the 9th hole handicap space. Are...
I went to Golf Galaxy yesterday afternoon and decided to pick up my current driver in both regular and stiff to test the difference in the simulator. My swing speed has been in the upper 80s and low 90s, and I was mostly curious to see if a stiff flex would yield more consistency for me over my regular flex -- knowing that at my speed regular was the way to go. Hell, I had an hour to kill on the other side of town, lets just be honest here... I hit a few with the...
When, after a full round, you didn't have the chance to leave your glove in the cart after you've approached the green. [Because instead of just taking your putter out, your wedge has to tag along as well.]
On a par 5 (or a par 4 I screwed up the tee shot on ), I try to leave myself with 105 yards which is a solid PW for me. I have an AW and have recently gotten a 56* and 60*, but once I get lower than 80 yards left I have a tough time getting the right feel.
Congrats, looking forward to the updates.
I picked the game back up pretty seriously in February. At that time, I was able to get out to the range at lunch and work on specific things and on the weekends get in 9 or 18 holes of play. I can't really practice like that now given the temperatures and my inability to shower/change after lunch each day. Recently I joined a "twilight club" where you have free play after 5pm and/or 2 large buckets of balls each night. Thus far, I've only played 9 holes each time out...
Good points. I switched back to my driver, going with the sentiment you described above, and played the whites yesterday on the back 9 (harder than the front) and shot a 42. I'll play the blues with my driver on Friday and see the difference. The extra 20-40 yards should yield much more reasonable approach shots for me. For instance, last week on #1 I hit a 3w only about 200 yards and was left with 190 to the center of the green, which is 5w for me. Playing 1w off the...
Agreed. When I played the blues last week, it didn't take me any longer to play 9 holes, I was just hitting longer clubs.
I think that's a good way to look at it. Normally the answer I've seen is specific to handicap or driving distance, but I think the ability to hit GIR makes more sense. A terrible putter might have a high handicap but should be playing from the tips because of the rest of their game, makes sense to me.
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