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Shot a 50 (+14, 34.6/129). Played like crap, again. I played a different course than my usual and played tees which are equivalent to the blues at my home course. It was too long for me today mostly because I was so cautious with my driver and wasn't getting my typical distance. Therefore, I had no GIR. My irons weren't very good again either. My putting is still improving and was pretty good again today, so that's a positive. I was rolling it well and sunk a few...
Congrats on such an awesome trip. My 30th is in September, wouldn't mind trying to do something similar.
I find wedges around the greens constantly. I always put it in my cart, not my bag, and turn it into the pro shop afterwards. I don't put it in my bag simply so I don't forget to turn it in.
49 (+13, 33.5/125). Another awful outing. I had no control over my driver and got lucky quite a few times. My irons were erratic. About the only thing I feel improving right now is my putting. I rolled it well and missed a few by inches. Definitely getting better there and soon they'll start dropping. I've been avoiding it, but it feels like I need to get a few lessons or I'll drive myself crazy.
Some folks have other obligations. I can't be out for 4-5 hours every time, in fact I play 9 2-3 times a week and 18 maybe once every other weekend.
Public. I have a "Twilight Club" membership where I can play unlimited after 5pm each day and/or get two large range buckets per day, also after 5pm. For the typical 9-5/M-F person it's a great deal at $50/mo. I typically play 2-3 9s per week. Cart is extra at $10 for 9 holes. Normally 9 holes with cart costs $26-29 weekday/weekend, so the savings adds up quick. A weekend morning at this place is $58 for 18. I do feel the obligation to play at my home course, and...
I always ride. I don't have a pull/push cart and lugging my bag on my back isn't appealing to me and my easily irritated lower back. I also don't really play golf for the health benefits. I'd like to walk it once if I could borrow a push cart from a friend, but I don't know of anyone who has one. My home course requires carts for non-members, so it's not really an option for me anyway and I don't mind that.
I would imagine the economy has had more of an impact on golf. $50 rounds aren't cheap for the majority of folks out there, many of which are just happy to have a job.
Great thread. It seems like you need to refocus what you want out of playing golf as a hobby. Going in with an expectation that doesn't seem to happen, regardless of what it is, will always be a let down and make you question your commitment. Stop buying equipment, don't practice, and just go out and play with a completely recreational frame of mind. When you get on the first tee, take in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. When you miss a putt, get animated in...
You're right in both regards. I need a lesson with the driver and a proper fitting with it too. I have a heck of a time hitting the driver with any sort of confidence. No problem on the range or in a sim, the course just doesn't do it for me. Figuring that out would help my game a lot.
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