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Awesome! I'm just hoping to find myself in the teens before the year is out.
How did the update treat you?
This morning I was talking about how so many courses around me could be a little more flexible in the way they handle memberships and design plans around the typical working class of people. The common theme around here, speaking to public courses, is that a yearly membership is for a calendar year and costs the full fee whether you start on Jan 1 or Aug 1. I'd love to know how few memberships they start from June-December. Pro-rating the fee would be an option, or...
Yesterday, 45 (par 35, 32.5/112). I decided to move back and play the back tees, which I knew wouldn't be a big deal outside of the par 3 distance difference on #2. I had a great round going, +2 after 6 holes. I fell apart on #7 and nearly jumped off the cliff on #9. Turned my first real shot at a sub-40 round into a 45. Extremely frustrating. The positive is I know I have the potential for it at this course. This was my first round with my new wedges and I had some...
Thanks. I went out to the range last night and got some time with them. I really liked hitting both and find that they'll fit into my sub-100 yard gaps very well. Hitting that 60* is pretty crazy when you're used to a 50* at the most. The way it rockets upward is pretty awesome. I found that these two wedges really make divots where my current irons really don't. No difference in the swing, so I'm not sure where that comes from. I worked around the green with the...
I ended up with the TaylorMade RAC 56.12 and 60.07. Dick's had a deal for 2 at $100. I intended to just get the 56*, but picked up the 60* with the sale and figure I'll work it into my game over time. Thanks for all of the feedback.
How difficult would a 12-14 bounce be to hit from the fairway? I normally don't take a divot, so I'm a little concerned getting a high bounce. Would be great for the sand but I'd also like to use it around the greens and in the fairway from ~60 yards and in.
Related, would anyone recommend against buying a used wedge? I found two 56* on Global Golf for $30, and figured I'd get one of these to start: http://www.globalgolf.com/product/golfclub.aspx?pid=1013664&gd=3&lft=53 http://www.globalgolf.com/product/golfclub.aspx?pid=1014695&gd=3&lft=53
I went to Dick's over lunch to check out what's available. I had my eye on the TaylorMade RAC wedges since they were on sale recently (2 for $80 I believe it was). The sale was over and because of it, the selection was limited to 52*. They had Maxfli C3 wedges as buy one get one, so 2 for $80. Anyone have opinions or experience with those? I was looking at 54* and 58*. They didn't have 60*, so a 56*/60* combo won't work. What bounce should I be looking for?
What I mean by that, and maybe this is what you're referring to, is I have a tough time judging how much backswing I need once I'm less than 90 yards away. My AW (50*) is my 90 yards and in club, and I normally take a 3/4 swing at the most with it. When I'm 65 yards away, for example, I have a tough time translating that distance to how much backswing to apply. If I had a higher lofted club that I could go 3/4 with and get ~60 yards, and another to get ~40 yards, that...
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