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I didn't get to finish my 9 hole round today, as a storm began rolling in as I was finishing #7. I got to the par 5 9th tee with a 40, so I was probably looking at 45-47. My putting really let me down today. I had 3 3-putts and chips that just didn't give me a real chance at 1-putts to save par. I lost a lot of chances on and near the greens for pars. This was also my first round where I left the driver in my bag and went with the 3w off the tee. On #1, a par 5, it...
I have an iron set that came with a PW (45*) and AW (50*). The AW is my club for anything 95 yards and in, which makes 40/50/60/70 yard shots less desirable because I have a tough time judging them. So, I'm looking to add two wedges to my bag, or maybe just one if necessary. My initial thought was to pick up a 54* and a 58*. Any suggestions on what degree wedges I should look for? Would a 54* and 58* give me better options on the sub-95 yard shots? To substitute, I'd...
I bought this putter back in April and I really like it. I like the weight to it, it helps me keep the line during the swing. Also thought I'd mention I never play a round without someone commenting on how big it is. The most popular comment is asking whether it gets satellite reception. I normally laugh and smile, but truth be told I kind of wonder myself...
Shot a 99 (par 72, 67.3/121, 5,700 yards). I didn't really do much of anything well today. Given how I played, I'm surprised there are as many bogeys as there are on that scorecard. Hard to make pars when you hit 2/18 GIR and can't putt worth a damn.
Nice scores. I play a lot on a local 9 hole, par 35 (31.1/103), and average low 40s. I've scored 40 once, but haven't broken into the 30s yet. I know I'm close. It's a matter of not going OB during the round and I'm there.
I play 9 holes more often than 18. I find that I dramatically improve on the back 9 when I do play 18. I believe that's just a matter of warming up on the front. I wonder sometimes when I play my normal 9 hole course if I played again right after just how much lower I'd go.
Not sure where that 190 came from. I hit my 5i 155 yards.
I've been playing by that concept and agree with it.I do want to start playing friendly tournaments around here at some point soon, and I'm assuming they'll force everyone to play from the back tees. Anyone know if that's correct, or if generally it's played from whatever you feel comfortable with?
Put those statements together and it definitely makes sense. I wish I could hit the ball as far as you do, that's got to be an awesome feeling. Just think of how nice your game will be when your short game catches up to your ability to bomb it off the tee. Keep it up!
Excellent point. I've found this to be true for me recently. My short game has been improving a lot and my scores show it, assuming I'm not hitting OB off the tee to start the hole off poorly. I haven't gained any distance over this time, just a better short game.
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