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On a par 5 (or a par 4 I screwed up the tee shot on ), I try to leave myself with 105 yards which is a solid PW for me. I have an AW and have recently gotten a 56* and 60*, but once I get lower than 80 yards left I have a tough time getting the right feel.
Congrats, looking forward to the updates.
I picked the game back up pretty seriously in February. At that time, I was able to get out to the range at lunch and work on specific things and on the weekends get in 9 or 18 holes of play. I can't really practice like that now given the temperatures and my inability to shower/change after lunch each day. Recently I joined a "twilight club" where you have free play after 5pm and/or 2 large buckets of balls each night. Thus far, I've only played 9 holes each time out...
Good points. I switched back to my driver, going with the sentiment you described above, and played the whites yesterday on the back 9 (harder than the front) and shot a 42. I'll play the blues with my driver on Friday and see the difference. The extra 20-40 yards should yield much more reasonable approach shots for me. For instance, last week on #1 I hit a 3w only about 200 yards and was left with 190 to the center of the green, which is 5w for me. Playing 1w off the...
Agreed. When I played the blues last week, it didn't take me any longer to play 9 holes, I was just hitting longer clubs.
I think that's a good way to look at it. Normally the answer I've seen is specific to handicap or driving distance, but I think the ability to hit GIR makes more sense. A terrible putter might have a high handicap but should be playing from the tips because of the rest of their game, makes sense to me.
Shot 42 (+6, 33.5/125). Started off ugly but managed to turn it around. My birdie on 14 was from about 50 feet, so much for just trying to get it within 3 feet. Like yesterday, another day of a few really stupid mistakes. A shanked tee shot, an awful chip on 2, and a poor showing on 15. Still kind of shocked I managed a 42 given the mistakes.
43, +8 (32.6/118). I went back to my driver and did well with it. I had two poor drives and the one on #7 was just a shank, would have happened with the 3w just as easily. My doubles/triple were the result of a penalty, a poor layup that required a punch out, and the shank coupled by a 3-putt. That's the difference between a 43 and a sub-40. Ah well, it's coming soon enough.
I voted 91%+. Considering I just started playing again in February, I would crush year-ago me. I just hope I can answer the same way this time next year.
Yeah, I've seen it as well.
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