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Just curious as I am looking for a set and they are hard to find in left handed
My bad, I guess they are $39.99 now
Rockbottomgolf.com is selling lefty Yes! Sophias for only $30 plus whatever it is for shipping. I thought I would spread the word if anyone was interested. I don't know if there are any right handed ones, but there could be
So I have the ability to buy either one of these putters and both are around the same price. The Yes! Sophia is brand new and is the same type used by Jim Furyk in 2010 and the White Ice #2 is used. I'm a left hander and currently use a Ping I-series Piper H and i'm becoming inconsistent with it and feel i need to try a blade putter. My stroke is a strong arc and my miss is a push or pull, but i mostly miss it to the right. I don't care about inserts or not..I just like...
I've had both types and the milled one felt nice and was a mallet, but I was inconsistent with it. Just tryin to see if maybe a smaller blade putter will help
Hello, I have a chance to buy a brand new YES! Sophia for $55 or a used Odyssey White Ice #2 blade. Between the two which should I take a chance on? I need some input on how they both feel and distance control and anything else. They both have some offset and I have a strong arc stroke, so would one help more than the other?. I know these blade putters arent the most forgiving, but I don't mind putting some effort into using them. I'm currently using a Ping I-series...
Phil Mickelson (-10) Hunter Mahan (-8) Rory Mcilroy (-6)
For those that have used both, which would you prefer and why? Thanks
I'm in the same boat as you. Looking forward to what people have to say
What would you suggest I try then? I mean I'm left handed so I can't easily go out and try whatever I want or even find that many on the internet that I can buy. I heard the Adams Cb2's might be good to try
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