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Are there any left handed females or has there ever been any on the L.P.G.A?
Check out Tour Edge.com. Tour Edge has great quality clubs and offer a life time warranty. They have complete sets for just over $400 and they are a very good brand name. I just purchased the HP 11 senior set and they are great.
Practice with purpose more and break 90. I was hit by a drunk driver and have a spine injury. I had to get a new set of clubs to make up for what movement i lost and i am breaking them in this year. Just happy to be out there swinging with new clubs. This game is awesome so have fun and enjoy it.
Try touredge.com. I just purchased their hp 11 senior set brand new for $400. All their clubs come with a life time warranty. Top quality clubs and have iron sets in your price range. Check them out before you buy used. They really are a top brand named company with great clubs;-).
My son has had many medical problems from birth. He was chosen by the kids wish network and had his wish to meet Miley Cyrus granted. We went to meet her in New Orleans on her movie set. He had the time of his life. During the trip he was give gardian angel coins to give to people that made his trip speacial. Before we got on the plane to come home, he gave me a coin. This is my inspirational ball mark. Does my heart good but not much help with my swing.
I just purchased the HP 11 senior package last week. They are very good looking irons with graf. Shafts in the senior A flex. The driver woods and 4 hybrid are sharp. Only had a chance to play with them for an hour at the range and practice green, but can not wait to play a round. All of the irons and woods and driver are top quality with great feel and accuracy. After the short time i had in practice, i would have to say this set is top of the line and come with a life...
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