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Balls are affected by sitting in water. Over the last 10 years I've seen a couple tests conducted and each time the water ball performed less than the normal ball. The tests showed distance loss after just 30 days in the water. The problem is not knowing the balls history. My feeling is if you are a beginner and tend to lose several balls a round the water balls are reasonable to use. If you're more experienced and tend to not lose balls then it's probably poor value.
Just like Zack Johnson plays a Titleist AP1 3 iron and AP2 irons for the rest of his set.
 Take this year for example. At the start Speith was capable of winning the slam (if he wins the next two). Forward to the British. Now Johnson is available to win the slam (if he wins the next three). Forward to the PGA. Now Day is available to win the slam (if he wins the next three). So this year three players were capable of winning the "4 in a row" slam. Most years four players are in the running. I still contend it needs to be in a calendar year. The posted baseball...
If you play flatter courses in dry conditions most any comfortable shoe will suffice. However you can't guarantee that on a golf course. Just last week I played a course that had a few elevated greens and the slope next to a few was burned out with a slight bit of gravel mixed in. I was wearing conventional golf shoes and one of my friends wasn't. He slid a bit going down the hill and could have hurt himself (but didn't). I had no problem with the same slope. Also I have a...
 Sticking with the car analogy, its like asking "I can't keep my car on the road, what car goes straight and won't end up in a ditch"?  You would get driving lessons to stay on the road so you could then drive any car (or golf ball).
It has to be based on a calendar year. To win the slam your need to win the first major of the year. Otherwise four different major winners could be in contention for the slam. If a football team went 0-8 win the first half of a season 8-0 the second half and then went 8-0 the first half of the next year they wouldn't be considered to have gone unbeaten. Calendar year only.
A sand and lob wedge was not available with my iron set (Titleist AP2).
I played a course that still allowed metal spikes about 7 years after most courses banned them. The greens were terrible from all the marks. I've played golf well before the metal spike ban and since the ban the greens have greatly improved. I don't see how people can say the soft spikes cause increased damage. I'm in the mid-Atlantic area and play mostly in bent grass greens so maybe other areas are more affected.
I have a full Titleist bag. The club I belong to gives us a discount while most stores sell Titleist for list price. Here are the estimated list prices (but I paid about 25% less). 913 D2 driver 400 913 fairway 250 913 hybrid 200 912 AP2 irons 1200 Vokey wedges (2) 130 each Scotty Cameron putter 350
That brings back memories. I had a set of Wilson Staff irons over 40 years ago. They had Dyna-Step shafts and leather reminder grips (now illegal). Great clubs in their day but I wouldn't want to go back to playing them again.
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