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Anything Goretex and you'll be fine. I personally like the Sunice line. Keep checking in with The Golf Warehouse (usually in the dead of winter) for good sales. My last Sunice Goretex jacket from them was $75.
I started playing at about age 13. My parents saw an ad for a summer golf clinic that came with some lessons and a round of golf. I took to it right away. In the summer I would ride my bike about two miles to a local course and play. I would hit plastic balls in the back yard almost every day. Started playing tournaments about two years later and learned a lot. Played all my life and when I retired the pro at a local course was chatting with me during a frost delay and...
Even if it works as designed, I can never get past the looks of these new oversized putters.  I'm a long term Anser style user that now happily uses a Scotty Cameron style Anser.
If you're moving why not just Fedex them? Your clubs will be a lot safer than putting them on a commercial flight.
I had a set of Wilson Staff irons about 35 years ago that came with leather grips. Those grips actually lasted me about 10 years. Once a year I would wipe them down with a product made for baseball gloves and it worked great.
They were nice guys but the one player hit three balls on every tee box? That's a little inconsiderate.
I have a Bushnell gps watch and a Bushnell laser. I tend to use the laser more. I can measure anything where the gps only shows (at most) two items per hole.
I've had the V2 grips on my clubs for two years and love them. It's best to wipe them off after each round for best performance. I've had no problem with wear. The only issue is if you play in the rain you MUST wear rain gloves as these grips are super slick when wet. They're nice and tacky all other times.
See post 6 of this thread.
If it's just "social" golf I understand being a bit loose with certain rules. However there is an etiquette issue here too. You don't make noise or move about while someone else is playing their shot. It was also originally stated that this player is slow which not only affects his group but every group behind them.
New Posts  All Forums: