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From what I'm hearing the first purchase is .99 cents - correct?  Beat them at their own game. Just go to the local drug store or grocery and buy a pre-paid credit card.  Put $2.00 on it and make your purchase.
The raw materials aren't the only cost.  The huge casting and forging machinery is VERY expensive and maintenance intensive. Its all added in to the price.
 While we play "what if?" one only needs to look at Nicklaus' 19 second place finishes in the majors. I'm sure a couple less lip-outs, isolated bad breaks, miraculous opponent chip-ins (Watson, Pebble Beach) and Nicklaus might have 25 or more majors.  
 I think the radio discussion also said only one person (Nicklaus) had more than one major in their 40's. At this point Woods needs five majors for the record. I don't dispute his will or previous historic talent, but father time is being cruel to his health.
I heard on the radio last week that only 22 different golfers have won a major after the age of 40. Woods will be 40 later this year. Given his current physical condition, and state of his game, I think the probability of him winning five majors is pretty remote.
What's going on here?  If that's a ball you cut in half why is the half on the left larger?
Amazon has the Bushnell NEO XS gps watch for $159.  The yardage is always there with no waiting for a signal connection. A quick glance at your wrist, pick a club and swing. You can probably find the Bushnell NEO X (prior model) for even less. Mine lasts for at least two rounds and usually three. Now I don't have to worry about my phone going dead on the course. I have a friend that uses his phone and an app (don't know which one) and he never gets a reading as quick as I...
 Bingo.  They work, are simple, cheap, virtually can't be lost, and you basically only need two. One for the driver and a lower one for fairway wood/hybrid.  Iron shots on par 3's just sit the ball on the ground.  I've done this in the winter for years. I've never even had to buy any. The driving ranges simply toss them in the trash can when the tip gets a little ragged. I take them home and cut them down to fit (since they were originally extra long to allow fitting...
I'd guess it would have to be made from plastic or rubber and not wood. Then they would last longer.
Does anyone know where I can buy (preferably online) the grip tape that covers the entire circumference of a .600 shaft?  I used to get my tape from either Golfworks or Golfsmith and would order the (nominal) 2 inch wide tape. Now the tape that I get from both of them is approximately 1/4" narrower and doesn't cover the entire shaft when applied. Where can I get the slightly wider tape that used to be readily available?  Thanks.
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