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I have a set of AP-2's and each club has a serial number on the hosel.
It seems like every week Golf Galaxy has a tour level ball on sale for $30. I just stock up on them. I like to play only one model ball as I like to get used to their individual qualities. That said my go to ball over the years had been the prov1 and they're on "sale" for $40 now.
I have a Bushnell laser and a Bushnell gps watch. A friend has the same watch. When the pin is near the green's center all three units are very close in their readings. When we play with someone that uses a cell phone often their readings differ (sometimes by a good amount). I wonder if the phones use different satellites to get their readings.
I was there in February and played the Palm and Magnolia courses. We stayed at the Polynesian Resort (directly across the street). Both were nice. Played Lake Buena Vista also and it was a distant third.
I have the Bushnell Z6 Jolt and it works great. Accurate and easy to lock on to targets. Most of the time I use it one-handed. One feature I love about it is its so compact I can play with it in my pocket and never know its there. No fear of losing it. Plus its waterproof. I've used it in slight drizzles with no problems.
I'm a 5 and to me the most important thing is greens in regulation. This and good course management. I think simply getting the ball in play off the tee (vs distance) thus giving me the best chance to hit the green. Then I try to two-putt at worst. Practice chipping to save the pars. Also mark down on the score card if your approach shot was short, on, or long. This is a very telling thing as most golfers are short most of the time.
I've got a set of AP1's with Dynamic Gold R300 SL shafts and love them. Great flight but much lighter than regular Dynamic Golds. Good combination.
It's easy now that I'm retired.
Just skimming the top of the grass in a hazard is not considered grounding the club - no penalty.
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