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I have the Bushnell Z6 Jolt and it works great. Accurate and easy to lock on to targets. Most of the time I use it one-handed. One feature I love about it is its so compact I can play with it in my pocket and never know its there. No fear of losing it. Plus its waterproof. I've used it in slight drizzles with no problems.
I'm a 5 and to me the most important thing is greens in regulation. This and good course management. I think simply getting the ball in play off the tee (vs distance) thus giving me the best chance to hit the green. Then I try to two-putt at worst. Practice chipping to save the pars. Also mark down on the score card if your approach shot was short, on, or long. This is a very telling thing as most golfers are short most of the time.
I've got a set of AP1's with Dynamic Gold R300 SL shafts and love them. Great flight but much lighter than regular Dynamic Golds. Good combination.
It's easy now that I'm retired.
Just skimming the top of the grass in a hazard is not considered grounding the club - no penalty.
I have a set of 712 AP2's. The AP2 standard loft is 2 degrees weaker than most of today's "standard" lofts. For me I lost about 1/2 club of distance going to the AP2's but don't mind. The feel and accuracy more than make up for the slight loss.
I'll give every golfer the benefit of doubt on their initial action. I start with the assumption they're honest. Where I don't is when they are taken aside and shown a video of their foul. What possible argument could Choi present for defense? Not signing your scorecard after a completed round is a DQ. That should be her official status for last weeks tournament - not a WD.
I use the Bushnell NEO X. Battery life is great. I easily play two rounds with room to spare. Great for weekend getaways.
The story I heard was she refused to sign her scorecard after it was pointed out she incurred a penalty for playing a ball from the wrong position. Not signing a scorecard is a DQ.
New Posts  All Forums: