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Gents, I have played almost every course in Northern Michigan and have been the group planner of an annual trip up north for more than 25 years so I know what I'm talking about. I personally think you have to much driving planned. The drive from Arcadia to Forest Dunes is about 2 hours 15 minutes. I have made the drive plenty of times as I will play both courses in the same day and its not an easy drive and its hard on the body. I would not recommend it as the roads...
Kiva Dunes is the one of the best courses in the state and is by far the best in Golf Shores.  Dont miss a chance to play this course!
There is nothing like golfing in Northern Michigan.  My top 10 is as follows:   MY TOP TEN   1.  Black Lake - Onaway MI 2. Treetops - Gaylord MI 3.  Forest Dunes - Roscommon MI 4.  Kingsley Club - Kingsley MI 5. Lost Dunes - Bridgman MI 6.  Sheppards Hollow - Clarkston MI 7.  Eagle Eye - Bath MI 8.  Hawkseye - Bellaire MI 9.  Cedar River - Bellaire Mi 10.  Black Forest - Gaylord MI   FYI...I have not golfed Arcadia Bluffs, Tullymore, Boyne...
You made a good choice paying the extra money for those courses.  I would higly suggest paying a little more upcharge and play Bay Harbor which is also part of boyne.  The course is one of the bet in Michigan
You are correct.  I was probablt a bit harsh on Boyne but I just feel most of the courses feel manufactured. Either way he will have a great time.
If your down to Boyne vs. Shanty then I would go with Shanty Creek.  The courses will be the closest thing you see compared to treetops.  Dont get me wrong Boyne has some okay courses....but they are resort courses and most golfers will tell you they are pretty boring.  I would go to Shanty and golf the following   1. Cedar River 2. Hawkseye 3. Legend 4. Chief 5. A-ga-Ming Sundance   Go to golfthechief.com and check out the cabin you can rent.  Its...
Take it from a guy who has played almost every course in Northern Michigan.  If you have never played Treetops then that is your best best bet.  They have 4 courses plus the worlds best par 3 course.  Treetops has some of the most scenic holes in the entire country and they currently have a special going for $109 a person for 1 nights stay and two days of UNLIMITED GOLF.  You wont be able to find a better deal than that.  IF you do choose treetops then I would recomend...
intheholegolf.com had a sale with free shipping.....sale is over now
Well gentlemen I ended up getting the clicgear on sale with delivery for $168.00.  This thing seems like its gonna last me a lifetime.  Very sturdy and is very easy to operate.  Now I need to get my wife one.  Thanks for all the feedback.
Hey Fellas,   I am in the market for a pushcart.  I have been researching a few models (Sun Mountain, Bagboy, and caddytech) but it appears the clicgear is the grand daddy of them all.  If you have any experience with this model let me know and if you could post the pros and cons I would appreciate it.  Hit em straight!!!
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