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I don't think he's the new face of golf just yet. I think he could be someday but as long as Tiger's still golfing I think he's gonna be the big name. Whether you like him or not he's the most known golfer on the tour. Look at the crowds at the Honda Classic. Most of that was due to the fact that Tiger was in the field this year. Rory has a lot to accomplish yet to be as well known as Tiger. 
I'm guessing they said that just because for so many years Tiger dominated while Phil didn't win much. He was always close but didn't get the wins. I agree it doesn't really fit anymore though. Phil's one of my favorite tour players. 
I play more. I do putt a lot but don't go to the range as much as I probably should. If I have a bad round or have something I want to work on I hit the range after I'm done with my round. I pretty much always putt before I go out on the course though. I usually spend more time on the range at the beginning of the year to get back into the swing of things and as the season continues I don't go nearly as often. 
I saw it last weekend and thought it was really ugly. That and the Adams Speedline take the cake for ugliest drivers this year to me.
I just made my order! It looks like a great product and I can't wait until I can give it a try! 
I've always had a mixed bag. I don't think it's worth buying all one brand unless they are really the best fit for you. Just matching your clubs to have one brand could possible hurt your game. Right now I have no driver, but will get a new one soon, Cobra woods and hybrid, Mizuno irons, Titleist wedges, and a Cameron putter. If the driver ends up to be a Titleist that'll be getting close but the Mizuno's won't be going anywhere soon. 
I really like FootJoy StaSof. They don't seem to last the longest but everything else I like. I have been thinking of trying a Bionic glove though. Might have to finally pick one up this year. 
Scotty Cameron California Series Monterey and a box of Pro V1s.    Next time will be a new driver. 
I'm not a fan of the look but whatever works. I like a blade putter. I've had a few different style putters in the past three years and the blade style works best for me. Like Mr. Desmond said if that putter was available right now they'd be selling like crazy. 
I ground my putter. I played around with both last year and I seem to putt better when I ground it. 
New Posts  All Forums: