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For there to be a celebration and parade there has to be relief. Relief needs to be preceded by anxiety. By definition, us non panickers were never anxious because we never felt the need to be worried. Like Phan said ... Until random people who weren't directly treating Ebola patients get sick, we're gonna keep on going about our days and not worrying about any of this.
Someone on my facebook shared a meme with the same info regarding Rush Limbaugh. "You are more likely to marry Rush Limbaugh than get Ebola ... Which are you more afraid of?" 😜
I don't think so ... Isn't it part of the rule that you're throwing it away specifically to avoid a sack? besides, even if they did throw a flag for intentional grounding on that play, so what? The penalty is simply a spot foul with loss of down. So instead of 2nd and 10, it would be second and 12. Big whoop. ;)
Not even close. When you consider how sophisticated offenses and defenses are today, and the advent of the audible, Peyton calls his own plays to a degree far far BEYOND those qbs you are talking about. 😜
And I as well on my iPad. But not my PC at work. Basically, if your device doesn't start with "i" then you won't see those iPhone smileys, just little squares.(Double set point)
lol ... means he tried to post a smiley from his iphone. :)
Excellent question sir!  The answer is ... next week! http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/11736356/college-football-playoff-committee-starts-work-air-mystery
Looked in from my angle.  Slice might want to challenge it.  See what Hawk-Eye has to say. ;)
My guess would be that it's fairly insignificant.  Mind you, I say this as only a layperson with a hunch.  But I play a lot of courses that have all holes bordered by other holes that have higher or very similar ratings to similar length courses that are through the canyons with hazards on all sides. To me, the ratings system seems to rely heavily on length.
Sure its ugly, but it looks really comfy.  Of course, I'm sure Uggs are comfy too ... so I'll stop talking about the sweater now. ;) And, yes, I disagree with with the idea that those things are different than flopping, but you already knew that. Yeah, we like big numbers huh?  Who cares how many interceptions you throw as long as you throw some touchdowns too and win a Super Bowl.  First two people that came to mind when you mention this are Reggie Jackson and Nolan...
New Posts  All Forums: