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Since he's ok, here's my guess: Right after he took off, he looked down and saw his buddies pet snake Reggie slithering in his lap.
Just want to point out that this thread was started with an article about INCLUSION, not exclusion.  Nobody forced them to include women, they (nearly) unanimously decided to do that for themselves.  There is no CONtroversy here. (Or as they'd say at the club in question, there is no conTROVersy here)   This should be a happy, positive discussion!  
I think there is very little correlation to where your hands sit at address and where your hands are going to be at impact, and thus, what your ball flight is going to be. The guy at the golf store was correct if he meant to say impact instead of address. I happen to have my hands pretty far forward at address and I have no trouble hitting the ball high.
 Also, now that the software has been upgraded to be able to detect shots you forgot to tag, if you did lose one, then it still wouldn't be the end of the world for you to manually enter a couple of shots per round.  Unless it was your putter, that would get annoying. I also imagine you could contact GG and inquire about replacement tags.
Also, remember that all of the top guys are playing at Doral this week so there are a lot more spots available to fringe guys than a typical week, I'd imagine.
No, I'm just totally goofing with you - I have no idea what either guys name is!  Too much snow is making you guys crazy over there.  
And my post wasn't meant to imply that you did.  My apologies if it looked like that.  I was just pointing out that that is the topic of the thread.  The money taken out on taxes, if its not the golf channels doing, is not relevant, because it would be the same anywhere else as well. As far as Talking Stick, I'll have to take your word for it.  Online it looks like a really nice place, but I have never played there and know nobody else who has either.  They're back at PGA...
Correct.  Although I take exception to the "bad" part. 
Because if it's the Government, then the argument becomes pointless and has no value here in regards to whether or not the Golf Channel amateur tour is worthwhile or fun or anything like that. Your beef then becomes solely with the government and the IRS.
See post #31 above. 
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