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Knowing the passionate dislike many have for Tiger, as well as the backwards thinking of many others who don't understand strength of field, I'd say that even if he won 19 or 20 majors, he'd never become the "undisputed" greatest.  You'll continue to get many of these arguments: "Jack had to compete against multiple guys with many major victories day in and day out and Tiger had to compete with Bob May and Y.E. Yang.  I rest my case." But amongst un-biased folks, I'd say...
Evolution, survival of the fittest, advancing safer technologies ... It's all the same.Adapt.
Sort of reminds me of Brandt Snedekers swing trigger with the driver. He doesn't start the backswing while pushing into the ground but he does bang (or tap) the ground with the club before starting the swing.
Came in here to disagree but now I realize you're talking about the AP2. Whatever, i don't have a strong opinion there, but I loooove the MBs. If only I didn't suck ;)
Hmmm, not sure what happened.  It's not the same Rachel Nichols though.  My pic was of the one who is (or used to be) a field reporter for ESPN.  ... 
That's some shaky math right there.
I voted about the same.  I believe that I'm improving, however, my handicap is pretty steady. 5.9 on 1/1 and 6.3 on 7/1 ... and 6.1 now (7/15 rev)
You see pros do this all the time as part of their routine.
Yeah ... without knowing anything at all about his swing, my first instinct would be to look at the ball position.  It's possible it needs to be moved quite a bit forward.
Cool, thanks for the info, all. I guess I may have to consider getting one ;) now.
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