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Somebody else (might have been Jamo) pointed out to me how he presents info as if he's a scientist, when all he is is a journalist. I like the books too, but that is accurate ... It's not really his area of expertise to be drawing the conclusions he draws. Still entertaining and thought proving though. (I like the parts in outliers about the hockey players and their birthdays;))
If you're talking about the guys who hit two bad shots and then pull out the wrench, then I'd totally agree with you. :)
Yeah, your time has passed and I haven't even reached 9900 yet!!  Almost there though. ;)
Cool!  Our next outing is likely going to be out that way in November ... keep tabs here: http://thesandtrap.com/t/76564/tst-socal-2014-fall-outing/0_30 Where do you live??
My only point with the bounces is that you're almost always better off with more than less because it's nice to have when you need it and easy to "hide" when you don't.  If you're hitting a chip shot where you aren't using the bounce, then your hands are forward and the leading edge is on the ground anyway.  Know what I mean? Plenty of situations where you won't need to use the bounce on your wedge, however, I don't know of a situation where you NEED to have a low bounce...
I like Gladwell's books, but this was funny.  Especially "Dick Bolt Giant"  ;)
I have an adjustable driver, 3 wood and hybrid.  I was professionally fit for the driver and haven't adjusted it since I got it.  But for the other two, it was handy to be able to tinker with them a little bit to try and find the perfect combination to fill the gaps between my driver and 4 iron. However, once I found the settings I liked, I've left them alone.
I don't understand ... why isn't it setup such that they give out 25 cards to the top 25 who aren't already exempt??
Absolutely absurd (and frankly, insulting) comparison. Ray Rice sucker punched a woman half (maybe more like 1/3???) his size and knocked her out cold. Adrian Peterson bruised and bloodied a 4 year old boy, somebody who's probably on the order of 1/8 his size and strength. Hope Solo got in a fight with her sister and her sisters 17 year old son.  It is a pretty damn safe bet that those three are all considerably closer in size and strength than the perpetrators and victims...
From the same article I just posted in the Adrian Peterson thread: Good point, Brian M.
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