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Wie was not into it at all. Her face was like "are we done yet?" from the start. I'm assuming she's not a dancer.
520 yard par 5, dead into a 20-25 yard wind. For kicks I attempt a "stinger" shot off the tee. With driver, I put the ball back 6" in my stance, and I hit it perfectly as planned. It did not 30-35 feet off the ground at any point, drew slightly, and finished dead in the middle of the fairway, 259 yards from the tee. :). (Made par)
Well, two weeks ago and on Wednesday, she moved MY needle. ūüėú
Absolutely. I found myself enthralled with the Dinah Shire a couple of weeks ago because of her, and actually watched the first round of this tournament because they featured her. Missed today though because I was playing. ;). Congrats Michelle!!
Or you'll get answers but they won't be based on what you think they're based on. I voted Greece ... but only because I've been to Prague and Vienna and have not been to Greece.  :)
Oh goodie ... "traveling hornets" can now be added to my list of irrational fears.  WTF??  He's just minding his own business and not disturbing a nest and they decide to go eat him?!?!?!   Not cool, hornets, not cool.   On a more serious note, it seems really fortunate that he had that lake close by.  I don't want to know what would have happened if he just had to stand there and keep waving his towel at them.
You are DEFINITELY NOT alone on that.  There are numerous people out there and in here that dislike the guy.  I am not one of them.  I think he's a really good announcer. And, to me, he doesn't come across as pompous at all.  When he says things like you mention in your example, they come across to me with - I don't know how to explain it - a bit of an empathetic charm that makes him sound like he's rooting for the guy and just feels bad. Johnny Miller, on the other hand,...
Makes sense that they clump all of the Texs tournaments together before the Masters, and it makes sense that a tournament in South Carolina happens in consecutive weeks with the Masters, so it seems like the perfect solution would be to figure out a way to push everything forward a week such that they could play this one immediately before the Masters.  That would likely boost the ratings, no? Because I agree ... it's a neat little course and I enjoy watching this one, as...
I tend to play better, on average, when walking anyway, so I don't at all think that they are two different types of golf.   Further, most of the courses here in south Orange County just aren't conducive to walking, and, in fact, it's virtually impossible (and not to mention, not allowed) at many of them.   So ...
Right, not necessarily, but I certainly don't think it would hurt it.  If he continues to be successful, I think that his rise in fame (and infamy for those who love to hate him) will go a lot faster now that he's made himself known.  Next time Russell Henley wins he won't get nearly as much press as Reed will next time he wins.  And I think as long as he can succeed, it'll potentially snowball. And the downside is .... well, I don't think there is one.  If he doesn't...
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