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I believe you are correct, @Lihu ... it says "average score" at the top and I see nothing on there that talks about handicap.   Just for fun, though .... According to gamegolf,   My average score:     80.7    vs.     chart at 81   GIR:                           7                     7 Fairway %:         around 25%             56 Putts:                        30                    32 Birdies:                     1.8                    1.5 Pars:                    ...
Totally.  Pretty freaking short-sided, though, of the owners to think that the interests of the public are not, in the long run, in their best interests.  The NFL think they are invincible.
Yeah.  The last paragraph is the most important though: Let's let that one sink in a bit, shall we; many of us can agree that Goodell is one of the most incompentent buffoons in any position of a major sports league, and he's taken home 157 MILLION dollars in 8 years??!?!?!?!?!
Hypothetical:   Someone in gallery yells out advice to Every but he doesn't hear it and he turns to the guy and either says "What?" or makes a gesture asking it to be repeated ... how close is he getting to the "soliciting" advice line now?
You say it doesn't make sense to you, but you answered the question already anyway ... "as long as they can interpret them."  If they keep track of stats well enough to know what they need to work on, then that's the ballgame right there, is it not?  How does that not make sense to you?
 Gotta keep an eye on @Lihu ... he's sneaky like that. 
Isn't that what @Lihu said?  A "snowman." I would not have made an 8 on that hole because with the amount of water on that course, I'd have run out of balls by the time I reached that tee.  I'm glad I don't play golf in Florida.   It's actually a fascinating hole because those guys can bomb a drive that carries 300 yards, hit the fairway, and still have anywhere from 210 to about 270 for their second shot depending on how much they want to try and chop off. 
I think that there really isn't any wrong way to keep the stats, so long as you don't analyze them in a vacuum. I have used some form of app or mechanical device for awhile now, and so I always count only putts that are from on the green and it back calculates GIR from that.  I don't just look at my putting stats and go "damn, I'm the best putter around" because I average 30 a round or whatever.  I know that it's actually more of a symptom of missing too many...
Mitsubishi is Japanese, Matt. 
Anytime a ball marker is in your line, whether it's a poker chip or a quarter, you should have it moved so that doesn't happen.
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