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Now, that's not to say that your shaft flex is fine, it just means that there is no way to tell from the photo. What flex are you using? And do you know what your swing speed is?
Neither - that is a camera illusion. http://thesandtrap.com/t/34727/shaft-flex-as-seen-on-camera-photos-or-video-rolling-shutter-illusion
And I'd say 3 or 4 is plenty. I have a 20' or so long by 6' wide green with 2 holes and if I had the room to make it wider then I'd prolly add a hole in each corner at most.
Totally agree. I wNt to watch the best golfers. Doesn't matter if they're American, Kiwi, Korean, Chinese, Spanish or German (Hi Sandra! ;)). In fact, I think the internationality is quite a good thing.
Q stands for question, R for rule, LWH is lateral water hazard, and I assume you know OB is out of bounds. Hope that helps.As you learn the rules of golf (ROG) these will be easier to remember.(Should be noted though that op did spell out lateral water hazard the first time - and I didn't address NPR because I assume you're not asking about that one since its in the thread title.)
Answer to both questions is a resounding yes. Those are very respectable distances for a beginner AND you most definitely need to work on it. (You never won't need to work on it if improving is your main goal) ;)
@No Mulligans lamented that there appear to be no Aimpoint instructors in our area, so that means if we want to learn it, we have to trek somewhere.  Or, if we could gather up enough interested folks, we might be able to bring the instruction to us.  There is precedent.  @iacas and @david_wedzik taught a clinic in San Diego back in the fall of 2012 (where I learned midpoint) and @iacas & @mvmac taught another (midpoint) clinic sometime in 2013 somewhere in the Inland...
@Shindig and @No Mulligans I think we'd have to get at least 12 total to make the trip feasible for them. So let's try and round up some interest and see how many people we can find who want to putt better.
It's not really a fair comparison between CDs and an aimpoint class for various reasons. One of which I don't believe has been mentioned; radio. I could rip a copy of a song from a friend illegally but even if I didn't, through radio and videos, I could still hear that song quite often. Perhaps if the aimpoint dvd aired on late night golf channel occasionally such that much of the information was available we wouldn't consider the sharing of info quite so wrong? I...
How's that even possible?? There are only two of them. Typically people would choose one or the other, but if not, the correct term would be "both." 😝
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