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I'm gonna take a lesson with Dana one of these days! :)
Hmmm, gotta say I've never thought of this before, and, frankly, it's quite genius.   (I may steal this idea at a later date ;))
OK, you're doing a little experiment to see what people will guess this time, versus what they will guess for the actual tournament ... to get a feel for who thinks people play worse in tournaments versus who plays better.  Something in that realm??
Wow, that would have completely changed my answer.  I had it in my head that this was the Senior tourney that you signed up for and was why I guessed you'd shoot a little worse than what you'd been doing.  I would have guessed a little lower if I had better reading comprehension.
Well done!!  How did you place in the tournament??  (That is, I mean, before I call up the committee to inform them that you must be disqualified for playing match play at the same time ) And ... I have no idea what your real reason was. :)  It was fun though!
According to his Wiki page, he's banned from everything, including training with his team, until the end of October.
Screw Golf Galaxy!!  I called them twice today and both times they've been closed.  "Our normal business hours are between 9am and 6pm Monday through Friday."  It IS between 9 and 6 Monday through Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WTF?!?! It's like they are intentionally avoiding me to try and get me to spend more money.  "Fine, I'll just buy the Game Golf with a 100 gift card and pay for the rest and use all of the other cards for balls and things."  But then I...
OK, but you're still arguing a point that is pointless.  The point of the whole analogy is to show the difference between the mistake and the intentional act.  The difference in severity between intentional tax fraud and murder and how it compares to golf is ... well, who gives a shit??  It has nothing to do with anything.  All I am saying is that she deserves no leeway or benefit or sympathy of the rule prohibiting call-ins when she freaking cheated.  Just like a tax...
And we all know who's fault that is, right???  Those darn Canadians!!
Accidentally??  Also, I find it peculiar that you think blatantly cheating out in the open where everybody can see is worse than trying to do it when you think nobody is looking.  I would argue that you have that backwards. Look, lets say I walk up to you and just, for no reason, kick you in the nuts.  Or, lets say I walk up to @14ledo81 and, unprovoked, punch him in the face.  Now, do you really have to be able to read my mind to know that I did those things...
New Posts  All Forums: