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I don't think it's 50-50 at all. I think it's 5905, with each group of 5 being the loudmouths. ;)Even most of us who argue with each other on here are probably a heck of a lot closer in our views than we let on.
Well with the wrap around season, is there ever going to be a good time to switch? Let's assume he knows there is a several week or couple month break in period ... Perhaps he made a judgment that this was as good a time as any.Also, he is human ... Who's to say this performance had ANYTHING AT ALL to do with his new sticks??
I remember an issue at this years women's ncaas where this came up. One competitor signaled back to her teammate in the following match, and I don't remember the specifics other than it was deemed legal.
Still not sure who that was. I remember the people calling for its long overdue removal from government buildings but those people aren't PC police, they're "sensible common sense police." And again, bubba brought this attention on himself.
That's two people here that have mentioned the "PC police." Who are these people? Bubba himself is the one who brought up this entire subject. The only reason it's even almost not a non issue is because of him ... Not some mystery agency out there that doesn't exist.
Aha.  Much grass to you sir.
Good post.P.S. Got a spare 30 mil you need help with spending?? 😜
Slight hijack, however, I am pretty certain @Big C won't mind because this applies to him as well ... I'm wondering if the answers to his questions would change if the relationship between the two of them is slightly different. Let's say one was lucky enough to be playing in a Ryder Cup style team competition , however, it wasn't practical to go out in separate pairs during the Sunday singles matches.  So the two guys sharing a cart are playing separate matches and aren't...
Me neither ... Those could have been cypress tho
You would be at least partially incorrect then.  I would identify as one of those who is not a fan of him (not going to say I don't like him because I've never met him) but I couldn't give 1/32 of a shit about this. I also object to the implication from the OP that him not having followed through with this task (how do you know this by the way??) means he lied.  Perhaps he just changed his mind because he realized it was a silly idea and nobody really cared. I believe that...
New Posts  All Forums: