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I did a little better this time, remembering to use my 59 instead of my 54, and no doubt the mat assisted me a bit.  Also learned I'm way too steep on my pitches, so ... something to work on: (Also, wearing nearly the exact same outfit. )
I've never heard golf referred to as a "shooting" sport.  Next I was going to crack a joke about "skeet golfing" but that jogged my memory ...  Oh, and @iacas I know it's a bit of an off-the-wall analogy, but watching this video made me think of your "Don't accelerate" putting thread.  The reason:  after only a couple of tries, they all realized that their best chance at hitting the clay was to try and time it for the top of the arc.  (At first they were trying to get it...
It's silly to put any stock in a statement like that.  It's all relative.  I have days ALL THE TIME where "I can't hit a driver to save my life."  Even Tiger Woods has days like that.  But Tigers days mean that he just misses all the fairways.  Mine mean I miss all the fairways and crank at least one OB.  A 25 handicapper might say that after he's hit 4 OB and whiffed or topped a couple.
 I couldn't find it anywhere either.  However, I did find "something similar" ....  
I love Terry Gannon.  Narcissistic is nowhere on the radar of words I'd use to describe him.  Heck, I've listened to him for years and never even knew he was an ex-athlete until I watched the 30 for 30 last year on that '83 NC State team. And always liked Erin Andrews as well.  (She is better on DWTS than she was on football, but she was perfectly fine on football.)
Lol ... It was just a nice bit of misdirection on your part. ;)I never answered the OP: no, I did not really have any golfer help get me interested in the game ... I was 11 or 12 and got interested because my dad bought me a beginners set and started taking me to the range. I spent a lot of those early years playing 9 holes with my mom too. :)
You don't have a PW?  10* seems an awfully big gap between a pair of short irons ... how do you reconcile that gap?
FTFY.  I don't think anybody would ever offer a prize of any magnitude without insurance. My mom runs a charity event (a scramble for the Alzheimer's Association of Central California for anybody in the area who's interested - always on a Friday near the end of September) where they have had a few different promotions like this.  For awhile they offered a free car for a hole-in-one, and as mentioned, the insurance company requires several witnesses, including one of their...
For some reason this made me chuckle.  "My first TV hockey memory was the 1980 Olympics.  My favorite team is Italy."
The first time he's ever swung a club?  I'd say that's not too bad at all.  A little Key #2 work and I bet he could smash it!
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