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Home course is a can-walk. No worries.   One of the courses we play here regularly would be an instant heart-attack walking. It's actually buggy only and for very good reason.   40 degrees centigrade plus in the Summer and humidity approaching 85 - 90%. Walking would be out of the question for me on that one, despite my preference for walking where possible.   After a round there in the Summer, the first cold one doesn't even hit the sides.....
Well I'm never in a rush to get of the course...   If buggies are obligatory I don't have a problem with that but I do prefer to walk where possible.
Played the B330 RX for a while and absolutely nothing wrong with the ball. Went back to the Srixon Z-Star as it just seems to putt better for me. Of course that's personal choice and will depend on putter type as well, but for me the Srixon just tipped it on the putting feed-back.   Again, can't fault the Bridgestone overall, but the Srixon just won out on the putting.
Use a Sun Mountain Speed Cart. Local course can be rough on equipment but so far the cart looks to be as tough as a coffin nail. Easy to unfold, nice bag clamping system and very easy to push.
Mines pretty much a mixed bag as well.   TaylorMade Driver Mizuno Fairway Wood TaylorMade Hybrids Ping Irons Bang Wedges Ping Putter   Haven't had a matched bag for years now. Last same-brand bag must have been John Letters, but that goes back a long way.
You can make a case for banning them or allowing them and I'll go along with either but spare a thought for the guy just trying to get some joy back into his game - not win a Major.   I've got a good buddy here who was almost at the stage of giving up, all because of his putting. Three-putt greens were the rule, I've even seen him 5-putt. Unless you've witnessed a hooked putt you can't understand the misery the guy was going through. It really was painful to watch....
€1.30 a liter here which is as near as dammit to €5 a gallon as makes no difference.   FYI that translates into approximately $6.50 a gallon.   Luckily it's a small place....
Leupold rangefinder for me.Nothing against GPS but personally I prefer the rangefinder. I know it's very much up-to personal taste so not going to go into relative merits of one over the other. For me, rangefinder.
I might be wrong (so open to corrections) but I think you'll find higher-lofted drivers will have less sideways spin on less then center strikes.   I've played a 10.5 degree for more years than I care to remember and for me at least, it gives a nice combination of trajectory, distance and accuracy.   Tried a 12 degree driver for a while a couple of years ago. No faulting the forgiveness but just a bit too high for me.
Best bit of advice I ever had was from one of the pros we had here a while back:   "how often do you hit your Sunday best?"   By that he meant you can't play a hole based on hitting your best shot with any given club all the time.   One other bit of good advice came from my father many, many years ago:   "there's no pictures on score cards".   Two great shots and two putts or two mediocre shots and a chip and a putt, both add up to 4.
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