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Calling hybrids "long iron replacements" is the biggest deliberate lie in retail marketing. What replaced long irons are middle irons that are at least two clubs stronger in loft than than the middle irons with which I took up golf. In the case of some "game improvement" irons, it's even more than that. Hybrids have clearly replaced fairway woods. These were the lofts on TaylorMade's original "Pittsburgh Persimmon" fairway woods in 1980. 3-wood: 17° 4-wood:...
The LPGA simply isn't popular enough to annoy people with the enforcement of their prissy rules, especially when it impacts the outcome of a tournament. The rules officials who made themselves a part of the show today deserve an unpleasant visit from thumb breakers as far as I'm concerned, and if I had a substantial bet on Pressel, they would have received it. I really like the young Spanish girl who got her first LPGA Tour win, but I know the poor kid can't feel...
8° is the maximum bounce I can tolerate for a turf playable wedge.  More than that, and I don't have the high, soft shot from forward in my stance.
That's what I have, except instead of the iron matching PW, I have my 9-iron bent 2° weak, and instead bag a favorite dedicated sand iron just for bunker play.
I can't begin to count the big manufacturers who have fallen off the earth in the past few years--either becoming inconsequential or extinct.   Dunlop and Maxfli have split up, and since, neither is a major player. But also   Wilson Spalding MacGregor H&B PowerBilt Kroydon Hogan Ram PGA Tommy Armour Slazenger First Flight Merit Confidence Browning Ray Cook Reid Lockhart Lynx and so many others.   Now it's just Taylormade,...
That's very possible.  The US Olympic team hasn't produced charimatic boxers since DeLaHoya way back when.  There's nothing charismatic about Andre Ward, for example.   The heavyweight dominance of the Klitchko brothers did less to pull in white fans than it did to turn off American fans.  I would have guessed otherwise, but I was completely wrong. That's probably a good thing.   As for MMA, I found it a little bit more interesting before they changed the rules for more...
Not as much as most of you guys.   Balls, tees, ball mark repair tool, GPS, cell phone, wallet, percodan, a couple bottles of water, insect repellant, Walther PPK, wet naps, and talcum powder. No cigarettes since 1994.
I've been a dedicated boxing fan since seeing the 1951 Robinson-LaMotta fight on a 12" black and white TV when I was four or five.   Old time boxing fans don't care for MMA very much as a rule. I guess that I'm no exception.
Mortadella, capicola, prosciutto, provolone, sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, sliced green peppers, sliced red onions, sliced black olives, and spiced oil--all piled onto a whole baguette. This has been my traditional pre round breakfast for over 50 years. Now I'm 65, 265 lbs, take enough meds to choke a horse, and play to an 11. How this practice hasn't become universal is beyond me.
Birdieman, keep your Wilsons until you're in a position to buy the new set that you really want.  Then keep your Wilsons as a beginning for your nostalgia collection.   Don't fall into the trap of trading and flipping old golf clubs.  It gets addictive, and it's usually counterproductive.
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