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Its also has to do with the shaft. If it's a bore-through shaft which a lot of the callaways are, they can't be bent or the shaft breaks. A bore-through is where the shaft goes all the way through the head and exits on the bottom. You can see it at the bottom of the head (example: titleist 905 drivers, callaway x14 irons). Those heads are cast at the factory in either upright of flat and are almost impossible to bend. The shaft needs to be removed before bending. Good luck!
Times are changing, and so are fitting methods. That's the one real advantage smaller shops and courses can offer is the fitting. It can take upto an hour and a half for a full fitting to be done right. A lot of times, smaller shops don't carry inventory, so they'll sell you anything. Larger retail outlets "fit" people for what they have in stock. I had a guy come in to get fit with his g20 irons he had fit for him at a local GolfTown. They just happened to have his 3*...
Makes sense, your clubs weren't stiff enough. I do Titleist clubfittings at the Club I work at, and we're fitting more and more people with the KBS shafts. Don't forget, the shafts are the engine that drive the clubhead. You, sir, have just seen the joy of custom fitting! It amazes me that that some people still buy clubs off the rack.
One reason not to use them: they look rediculous! Did you take the plastic off the grip on your new clubs or leave that on too? Do you wrap your couch in plastic? I get clubs to use them, not to have to worry about them getting dinged up. They're ugly, time-consuming, trap in dirtand moisture and nobody on any tour uses them. Save them time and money, and go buy a dozen ProV1s.
Tests on launch monitors and Iron Byron have shown that for every inch of length you remove, you lose 7 yards of distance. Small trade-off. To not hit it into the woods. It's worth the trim
You're new to the game. You're going to lose balls. Maxfli Noodles, Bridgestone E5,E6 would work
Agreed. A nice Sun Mountain or Clic Gear will serve you well.
You can also custom order a set, say from Titleist for example. You could do an AP2 3-6 irons and 7-PW MB or CB irons. Just make sure you try before you buy.
Looks nice. Good visual alignment aid. I like!
Really??! Are you guys serious?!?! Cleaning golf gloves?!?!   Do you disinfect the groves of your clubs too? Use Purell between shots?   Come on guys! Golf is a sport, this doesn't help its' image.   Use your glove till it rips, no matter how dirty. That's life. It gets dirty, live with it.
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