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Go out, spend the bucks, it's well worth it. For 100$, you bought a water resistant suit. Put it this way, my FootJoy rain pants cost me 250$. My FootJoy rain jacket cost me 300$, but both are seam-sealed and guaranteed for life not to leak. Foot Joy take anything back, customer service is A1. Staying dry is well worth the extra bucks.   As for rain gloves, the FJ rain gloves are good, as well as the Zero Restriction ones. The wetter they get, the stickier they...
They are shredded, melted, etc down to make new clubs from. Ping and other such companies will not get caught selling or releasing an "inferior" product. It would tarnish their reputation. There's a 0% chance of that happening. I witnessed this with my own eyes at the Ping factory in Arizona.   As for the other poster that wrote that Pings are made in China, they're made in the USA, in Arizona.
I think the PGA Tour needs Mike Weir on the Tour to promote the game in Canada. Steven Ames isn't the guy to do it. When you think of golf in Canada, who do you think of? Mike Weir.  
i have a good excuse, I need my clubs for work, teaching and making money playing. Sorry, you can never ever hit any of my clubs. I won't ask you, so don't even think of asking me. It's that simple. Would you ask a race-car driver to try his car? No. Would you borrow a surgeon's tools? No. Enough said.
you didnt get hosed, they used the rules to their advantage. End of story.
sounds like a solid routine to me...
can't be the pot..alcohol hangover maybe!
I'm now gaming a Nike United Techno putter and I love it. I work at a golf course and picked it out of the used rack for 20$! I collect camerons, have a Napa, Circa 62 #2, Kombi, Del Mar 3, California Del Mar. I also have a Corza Ghost and other random Ping putters, but this thing can't be replaced. The market for left-handed putters is small. Even smaller for left-handed center-shafted mallets (which is what mine is).
yup..2 strokes...you have to replace it and your playing partners have to agree to where it was.
is the dude a professional on the canadian tour? or a monday qualifier amateur? If he's a professional, he shouldn't be playing in your club championship. I'm a CPGA pro, and cannot play in the Club Championship at the club I'm a member at (not where I work...don't wanna go to work on my off time..)
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