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I got fitted for a Ping G10 on a Vector Launch Monitor system. It was determined that I needed a 12* head (I hit a stupidly low ball). The optimal spin rates on a driver are between 2200 and 2300 rmp. You can try switching shafts which helped me alot (was instructed to get a ProLaunch Red instead of the stock Ping TFC graphite). With the 10.5* stock stiff, I was launching at 8-9* with 2900 rpm, with the ProLaunch Red and a 12* head, I was launching at 13-14* and 2300 rpm....
Two of the best courses I played were Lion's Paw and Panther's Run. Both are located in the same place. I'm not sure of the price, as it was part of a package, but it's really worth it. The signature hole is a 176 yard par-3 from the tips with bunkers around it, all shaped like a lion's paw with the pads and all. You can check out their website, its worth it! Here's the address: 351 Ocean Ridge Pkwy Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina 28469 Brunswick County Phone(s):...
Definately go with the I5s...That's what I've been playing since they came out last year. I'd been though just about every possible set imaginable and settled on the Pings. I ordered 5-PW and love them. You can custom order the grip size and lie angle. Ping will even bend your irons for you for free as often as you want, you just pay the shipping. Customer service was great, as I snapped a shaft and was sent a new one within 3 days.
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