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a 2006 Dodge Magnum with a Hemi in it. Lots of room for clubs, dog, hockey bag...
This is called a Darrell survey. It is conducted on the 1st tee of every PGA tournament and the results are sent off to people in the golf industry. If you want, PM me and next one I get I can send to you (I work at a course and am on Titleist staff, so am privvy to this info). It's a way for the manufacturers to toot their own horn and say '' 84.6% of all players in the field of the Hope Classic played Titleist balls...'' and other stats like that, not to see if their...
For Christ's sake, this sounds like a thread my mother would have started..
I think you guys think way too much. Physics? Backswing? Terminal velocity??? The only terminal velocity I want to see is the ball in the cup. Clear your mind and stop trying to hit it further, just try to hit it straight. Distance will come from center-hits.
you could try the Titleist AP1s or Cobra S2s. Can you tell I'm a Titleist guy?
There was a PGA commercial with Chad Campbell a few years back, and a quote stuck with me: ''If you have to tell people how good you are, chances are you're not that good at all.''
if you have problems hooking the ball, look for a hybrid with a little less offset, like a Cobra Baffler Pro. I picked one up, and it's easy to hit straight and to fade. I never used to fade my TM hybrid. The stock Fujikura Speeder is nice and heavy too.
you could buy a bigger bag...
Sweet irons
the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals!
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