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Shooting a number is a dangerous concept. It will dictate if you have to go at flags or not, hit driver or not, etc. As was mentionned by another poster, the only time I've been faced with this was during my PAT and it's a weird feeling. When I was on my 36th tee and was 3 strokes clear on a par 5, I hit an easy 3 iron off the tee and blocked it left OB and limped in and made it on the number. Here are my suggestions to aleviate the stress for you: 1- Don't keep...
You can get a 64* Vokey in LH...The Callaway x-forged is available left handed too..
Not if you're a member! Most people are hesitant to shell out 2000$ to 4000$ all at once, but it pays for itself in the long run.
Chris DiMarco...not big, not strong, not long. Just a never-say-die attitude. A real grinder...
I believe a ball with less dimples (bigger dimples) will carry more, therefore making it more apt to slice. Case in point: the Titleist DT Carry. Huge dimples. I don't know what the RPMs are on the ball though. The Titleist DT Roll has more (smaller) dimples. Spin also depends on the composition of the cover. A ProV1 will spin more than a Top Flite, making it slice or hook even more. Just my humble non-scientific opinion.
yeah, maybe he got mad 'cause he actually took his sister to the prom!!
ping voyage...a bit cheaper than the Hoofer, pretty much all of the bells and whistles..
it could be that you're either hitting up on the ball, or hitting down on the ball. Check your ball position and try to keep it constant. Put a coin down on the putting green and put the ball beside it, making sure to place the coin at the same spot in your stance every putt, and see what happens. There may also be too much or too little loft on your putter, you can get that checked with a putter fitting with a PGA pro.
english and french-canadian. Born and raised in Montreal
i have both a carry bag and a staff bag and a Sun Mountain cart. I like to carry, but I use the staff bag/speed cart when it gets hot or really humid out. As mentionned in another post, I enjoy the speed cart in the rain.
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