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Having been on both ends of the stick in tournament rounds, it's definately more intimidating to be the longer hitter that's constantly 30 yards past the other guy, hitting 7 iron into the green when he's hitting a 4 iron, only to tie the hole. On the other hand, if you're the shorter hitter, you know what to expect, and can live with that. Just make sure you get your approach shots on the green first, to put a little pressure on the other guy and force him to make his...
at +.1, you are elegible to try to play your way onto the Canadian Tour at the q-school. The minimum requirement is a 2 handicap index. The only promblem is the 2400$ entry fee. Good luck with everything
all Icould think of when seeing the title of this thread was: ''Brah, you mad brah?''
I'd like to meet up with you for a round of golf, and see the look on your face when I put it out past you on every drive. You have made a fool of yourself enough already, you should just quit while you're ahead. I play off a 7.6, and you a ''12''. Why don't we meet for a round, put 1000$ down and I'll give you 5 strokes. As far as I'm concerned, you might as well just stop posting, as you have lost all credibility and are digging a deeper and deeper hole for yourself...
He must have bought the Hammer, that would explain the sudden increase in distance. ''POW!!!''
not bad..your 280 carry distance is only 14 yards behind Phil Mickleson's average driving distance, and he's 20th on Tour this year. http://www.pgatour.com/r/stats/info/xm.html?101 you're a joke, a real crock of s@#t. It makes for a very entertaining forum though. I see it all the time on the range at demo days "On average, I drive 280". Put the guy on the launch monitor and boom, the guy can't get it out past 255, 260 tops.
Ever wonder what distance Tiger hits each club? TIGER'S CLUBS: Driver: 285 yards (of carry) 3 Wd: 265 yards (of carry) 2 Iron: 245 yards 3 Iron: 230 yards 4 Iron: 220 yards 5 Iron: 208 yards 6 Iron: 190 yards 7 Iron: 172 yards 8 Iron: 158 yards 9 Iron: 142 yards Pitching Wedge: 128 yards Sand Wedge: 106 yards Lob Wedge (60°): 92 yards based on: http://www.golfdiscussions.com/yabbs...hp?topic=14927 So there you go.
280 carry...pretty impressive. PGA Tour numbers my friend.
awww...shucks. Who can't back up their talk now?? priceless...
"I am Hans, and this is Franz. And we're here to PUMP YOU UP!!!" Sorry for doubting you, Mr. Ferrigno. (you head may be too far up your ass to realise he was the original Incredible Hulk). How about putting your fluid, picturesque swing on video and posting it here?
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