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typical 12 *cough* handicap..."I drive the ball 280 on average, but my short game really sucks"..."I hit 170 yard 9-irons.." Dude, GTFO!! How exactly do you get away flying 170 yard 9-irons with regular flex steel shafts. That would be x-flex at least. Let me guess, 170 yard 9-irons must be you "taking some off of it", right? Please stop wasting our time and yours and stop posting stupidities on here. If you're willing to come to Montreal, I'll give you free lessons...
That G10 irons line was priceless... I would say you wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell. As your handicap goes down, it gets harder and harder to keep bringing it down...keep that in mind. Going from an 18 to a 15 won't be anywhere as easy as going from a 3 to a scratch.
1: Get my CPGA card (two rounds of +15 or better). This wil open alot of doors for me as carded players don't pay for their rounds in Canada 2: Get my short game up to snuff (chipping especally) 3: get a bit more comfortable playing a bump-and-run shot 4: Makemy average leave with a wedge (PW, SW, GW, LW) to within 25 feet tops 5: Play more competitive golf and oney games, as you can learn alot in these rounds. 6: Hit the range 4 times a week 7: Play at...
I just bring her to play with me! My fiancee is a 14 handicap and plays better than most of my friends. She also outdrives them too (averages about 235-240 off the tee). If we're alone, we'll play skins to see who makes supper, does the dishes, etc.
Just don't do like the guy following Tiger all weekend and wear a New England Patriots jersey. It looks kinda under-dressed. If you're going to wear a jersey, at least make it a 49ers jersey!
and once you take your lesson, practice, practice and practice. You may also want to have you clubs custom fit to you (later on when you groove a swing). Good luck!
or you could try a putter with a softer insert (Odyssey-type putter).
I like the 5/16 wedge...
what's....wrong....with ....his...punctuation....?
is your teebox on the moon???
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