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I've recently been working hard on getting my weight forward at impact. It has shown some great results! I consider myself a great iron player but had been having contact issues recently, and had lost my sweet little draw I used to have. I was playing a practice round last week and really focused on getting my weight forward. Pure strikes after pure strikes, but I had a few go straight right because of an open clubface at impact (there's no slice or fade to it, the ball...
Sorry should have provided some context and details of what I've been working on. I made a major switch in how close I stand to the ball this offseason (if you watch the 2014 and 2013 swings on the first page you can see the big difference), this resulted in a much more upright steeper swing path. It worked for a few range sessions, but then I started hitting hosel rockets 1 out of every 5 or so swings. So on the iron swing above I backed away from the ball a bit and...
Couple shots. Analyze, praise, critique. Let me hear it.
yes that makes sense. shows you how much I know. 
Yea I've hit the 588 CBs a bunch at golf shops and love the feel. I have cleveland TA 2s now and would like to stick with them as a brand.  What do you think a fitting session and shaft lengthening would cost me?
My yardages seem to line up with the 110 column. Maybe I'm reading this wrong? Obviously I don't swing my PW the same speed as my driver.Really I'm just looking to confirm that Dynamic Gold S-300 are a good shaft for a high swing speed golfer.
They aren't old or "antique" clubs by any means. The set I'm looking to buy are Cleveland 588 CBs. They would be my playing set of irons, not a collectible. Which is why I'm trying to do as much research as possible before investing.
Dynamic Gold S-300 is a pretty good shaft correct? I have a fairly high swing speed 110+ for irons. 
I'm considering doing this. I really don't have the money to be spending $1,000 on brand new clubs. I've found a set of cleveland 588 CBs for a very reasonable price on ebay and they seem to be in fine shape.   Are there any complications with getting clubs fitted after they have been used for a few years? I can still get the shafts lengthened and everything correct?
Been to the range a few more times to try and work on my weight shift and eliminating lateral backward movement in the hips during my backswing.    I'm too ashamed to post the vids. The top of my swing is a mess. I'm across the line by miles. Right elbow flaring out. See below: Where as last year I was in a nice compact, laid off position at the top:   I need to get back to this!
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