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I've had this same debate myself many times. I ended up just spending a bunch of time practicing with my 52 and 56 and learned the shots I needed with those. Now pretty much anything from that distance in is a 52.
I talked to the same dude about 10 times, after a while he knew me lol. My biggest issue with them is that they wouldn't talk to me.It's definately a great little pistol, that's the only failure of any kind that it has had. And you are right it shoots like a much bigger pistol. If I had to do it again though I'd probably just go with a g26
The K9 used to have a place on my vest as a backup, and off duty. That was until the slide lock blew off. Sent it off to Kahr, and it was like pulling teeth getting any info/update with them. After about a month and a half of this I started bugging their customer service, and magically it appeared on my door a couple days later. All they said was that they replaced the slide lock and test fired it. It's disappointing because I believe the failure was ammo related, but...
Maxfli U2s. Dicks has them on sale for $11... Was going to grab e5s but I just paid the mortgage so I'll take the extra round in savings
Crab boil Collards Baked beans JalapeƱo Mac n cheese Fried chicken (hot sauce) Pork BBQ Copious amounts of beer Apple pie
I'm by the Carolina line, we got about 2 inches. It was 60 yesterday am. Gotta love va
Like Dave said working on getting those lag putts close will help reduce 3/4 putting Best thing I can say for the short game nerves is keep practicing, and when you're on course facing that shot trust your swing. Don't get ahead of yourself and worry about where the ball is gonna go, instead pick the swing you are gonna make and focus on that. When you make that swing keep your head down until you hear the ball land. When this issue is seen in the shooting world it's...
Good for you man enjoy
I wonder what the difference in distance would be seeing as you can't compress that metal.... Plus I'm not real excited about spending $40 on an anti slice ball. Pass
Haha gotta love auto correct
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