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I'm by the Carolina line, we got about 2 inches. It was 60 yesterday am. Gotta love va
Like Dave said working on getting those lag putts close will help reduce 3/4 putting Best thing I can say for the short game nerves is keep practicing, and when you're on course facing that shot trust your swing. Don't get ahead of yourself and worry about where the ball is gonna go, instead pick the swing you are gonna make and focus on that. When you make that swing keep your head down until you hear the ball land. When this issue is seen in the shooting world it's...
Good for you man enjoy
I wonder what the difference in distance would be seeing as you can't compress that metal.... Plus I'm not real excited about spending $40 on an anti slice ball. Pass
Haha gotta love auto correct
God logix is awesome, and free.
We'll here in va it was 70 two days ago the we got flurries last night. Usually if we get snow it's January or February, so that was unusual. Typically I can play year round without too much trouble. In fact this is my favorite time of year to play since a lot of people stop playing. I will say that hunting starts to take priority over golf though
Lol though they weren't hunters I had a similar experience while in Africa a few years ago. The army and some local military drove right through the middle of a hot demo range. They were apc's but it still woulda been a bad day for them.Btw happy birthday brother!
Gamer/gamer tour, q star, e6, and dt solo have all done well for me. Been wanting to try the rzn's next... Hex chromes sound good too. Guess I'm a golf ball *****
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