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Eric, We know from Aimpoint that the best capture speed results from aiming about 6" past the hole, and I completely agree.  Is it the optimal strategy however to do this?  One could argue that if you only aim 6" past the hole, then you will leave more putts short than if you aim 1 to 2 feet past the hole, and a putt left short has no chance of going in.  In the long run is it possible that you could make more putts by rolling them faster even though it effectively reduces...
1. Tiger Woods -13 2. Nicolas colesarts -12 3. Jason Dufner -12
Win my club championship Qualify for the state pub links Qualify for the state mid am Make at least 1 cut
1.  Francesco Molinari 274 2.  Rory Mcilroy 275 3.  Phil Mickelson  277
I'd love to be able to keep my rear leg straight more on the downswing.  I'd like to see a picture or video of you to see just how straight it is.  Be careful of trying to flex it too much on the downswing or your upper center will tip back and you could hit fat shots. 
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