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It's a shallow angle of approach from a too flat downswing plane, possibly caused by hanging back. Work to get your weight left at the start of the downswing and it will create a more descending blow.
It can't hurt if you go to a good instructor. Remeber a good instructor will want to understand what you want to accomplish and why. Why do you want more lag?
I hit a draw or a fade by changing my swing. I hit a fade by making sure my hands are farther ahead of the clubhead through impact and swinging a bit more to the left. I hit a draw by imagining the toe leading the club through impact and swinging a bit more to the right. I think this is somewhat common.
You may have misunderstood my suggestion. I did not mean to move the ball at all just the bottom of his swing arc. He is describing impact that at best doesn't compress the ball and possibly is moderately thin. The way to fix that is to make the bottom of the swing 3 to 5 inches past impact the ball will compress with greater backspin, fly higher and farther.
Move the bottom of your swing, and the deepest part of your divot forward.
I used to take lessons from Brian and have seen most of his videos. I've also been fortunate enough to get lessons from several other highly regarded (top 50) teaching pros. I found Brian to be the most effective teacher I encountered. In fact, Brian made a point to teach me how to fix myself, so I would only need to go to him when I wanted another pair of eyes. His methods made me a former student, because he taught me enough that I can diagnose what's going on and then...
I guess the question is what are you trying to accomplish/learn? Is it lag pressure (according to TGM the secret to golf)? Is it trigger delay? Why do you need to learn whichever one you are asking about? How will it help your game? Your original post sounds like you should learn to get through impact with a flat left wrist. I can give you some drills/exercises that can teach you any of these if you let me know what you want.
It's a 7 year old wound ball. It was Titleist's top ball pre-ProV1. It's much shorter but really spins!
I change all of the time... I have some TourStage Z101s I like a lot. I also have a set of MacGregor PCB Tours that are great and a set of Srixon i-701s. All look and feel good to me.
You must play at the rudest club out there. I've belonged to several private clubs and have never seen anything like you described. What club is this??? Hell CC?
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